April 20, 2020

Why we say F-it when the scale acts like an a$$ [VIDEO]

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A woman's feet on a scale with the words why we say ft when the scale acts like an $.

Weighing in is a skill. Most of us haven’t learned how to do it.

Today’s free training goes into detail.

Any of this sound familiar?

We hop on after a week of busting our ass, saying no to things we want in the moment, and letting some online bootcamp hunk make us his bitch.

Next thing we know the scale shows no love.

“F ME! I knew I couldn’t lose weight. No matter what I do I can’t lose weight.”

We think “this” isn’t working. We don’t see the number we want.

We think of past failures and how this is just like all the other times.

We look at the past week with skepticism and judgment.

We feel like ass. Defeated ass. “Why bother doing all this?”

We start thinking, “I just need a break.” We eat what we want and have a few drinks thinking, “I’ll start back tomorrow.”

We wake up bloated, worried we gained weight, weigh in, and BOOM…we did.

“See! I can’t even take a day off without being punished.”

This is the cycle we slip into when we don’t work on the skill of weighing in.

Things were working. Even when the scale didn’t move. We had the proof in all the work we did. That’s the “work.”

We were doing good things. Good things add up over time. It just wasn’t on the exact day we wanted it to happen.

We didn’t know it would take a few more days.

We started eating instead of waiting and doing what we know will work…in time.

We just need more patience. We need to wait long enough for it to work. To believe in ourselves.

We have to start right now. Where we left off. And we have to keep working until it’s working. We must stop quitting because we lose faith.

Weightloss is about the amount of faith we are willing to have.

When we have faith we’ll keep going until the work shows up on the scale.

Are we willing to wait?

We have to. The alternative is not working.

We’ll only learn how long results take by keeping going until they happen.

Watch the video if you need to hear this one loud and clear.

Ready to lose weight for the last damn time?

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