What’s Fixable?

My PNPTribe members are often worried about so much in life and all that worry leads to overeating to deal.

Last week I taught you the worry bucket. I'm focused on worry because I know this topic can really help a lot of women lose mental and physical weight.

This week it's the “what's fixable” idea on dealing with worry.

You see, if you are a worrier you likely spend a lot of time rolling crap around in your head.

Here's another great way to overcome some of your worry.

Make a list of all your worries. Like every single thing. Write until you are exhausted.

Then create two lists: Fixable and NonFixable.

The Fixable List is things you can do something about. You might need to make some decisions, get some help, etc. Your job is to take each item and brainstorm what you CAN do about these things. If you are one of my PNPTribe members post in our group and get ideas! We are full of them.

The other list is what you are simply choosing to feel bad about. It's up to you to let it go. If it's not on your Fixable List then why are you choosing to hang onto the worry?

Sometimes the simple idea of reminding yourself this is not a problem for me to solve allows you to move out of your worry.

I promise you, one of the biggest reasons women overeat is because they are consumed with worry. When you work on your worry you work on your overeating, too.



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