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What’s the Best Diet?

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What’s The Best Diet?

I get that question a lot. Since losing 100 pounds people want to know what I did, was it hard, and is it easy keeping the weight off? Well, let me tell you!

What did I do?
I started with what I COULD do my best THAT DAY. The following 10 steps are what worked for me.

Was it hard?
Yes it was hard! I was changing from the inside out. EVERY change no matter how big or small is HARD. I am not here to blow smoke up your you know what.

But, I chose hard things that were DOABLE. There’s the difference. You can choose to make it ALL hard at ONCE or you can choose hard things in small chunks. I knew I had to change over time. It worked.

Is it easy to keep the weight off?
Sort of. There are days that are harder than others. That’s life in my opinion. There are days being healthy is easy. What works for me is having a plan each week and doing it. Even when things don’t go perfect, I don’t use it as an excuse to fail. Life is my reason to overcome and learn.

1. Eat healthy foods, more from the ground than the factory, and remember if God made it then quit stressing it.

2. Eat when you are hungry. If an apple or carrot doesn’t sound good you might not be tummy hungry! You are EMOTIONALLY hungry which means tired, bored, stressed, or filling time.

3. Stop when you are satisfied. It’s OK to not clean your plate, leave behind some pre-portioned food, and throw stuff away.

4. Your tummy isn’t a trash can. Don’t put the scraps in it. Scraps are things like leftover french fries from your husband’s plate, that taste of cake batter as you made cupcakes for the office, or the remaining mac and cheese you think is too little for a container.

5. MOVE. Anything counts. Don’t let some diet guru tell you that dancing sucks. What sucks is couch surfing. Let them over train and burn out someone else. You follow your movement BLISS!

6. Remember this is a life long commitment. Don’t start eating stuff or cutting out things you can’t see yourself doing in 20 years. Keep the changes small and doable and you will DO THEM…a LONG time.

7. You’ll screw up and you should. One morning caving to a doughnut is just a doughnut. It’s not a big deal until you let it screw up a whole day. It also helps with #8 which is…

8. Don’t weigh your self-esteem. If you can’t get on a scale without turning off your emotions then you aren’t ready to weigh. Keep up steps 1-7.

9. Take as many pictures as you can so you can see your REAL progress. Trust someone who lost 100lbs…you’ll want those pictures to see where you came from and keep you where you are.

10. Drink water. You need it. God put it on earth to grow plants, flowers, and humans. We don’t feed the plants coke for a reason.

Becoming healthy is the best decision I ever made. And, making the decision was the very first step.

I know what it feels like to struggle with food, feel disgusted and let down by your own body, workout and hurt, and wonder if you are even able to change.

I’m here to tell you that you CAN. You CAN do this. You have it in you…just like I did!

It isn’t magic. We all wish it were but it’s really just a lot of commonsense and being willing to keep doing it.

The diet NEVER ends.

You create a life for yourself.

And you live it.

Create one you know you can do.


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