Weightloss Routines You Need

Today I share with you my personal routines for the mornings, evenings and weekends. We talk about why you need them, how to get started if you have ZERO routine, and what they teach you so you can lose weight EVEN BETTER!

For example, my morning routine is:

Brush Teeth
Comb Hair and Wash Face
Put on Workout Clothes (head to toe)
Drink Coffee (never miss this step)
Write In Journal (empty my brain and point in the right direction)
Spend 45 min. Doing Important Project Work
Take Son to School

And a whole commute routine begins! Listen for my other routines and why they allow me to have such a fun and productive life that keeps 100 pounds OFF this body.

Podcast Mentioned: Thinner Peace (for menopausal women) with Dr. Deb Butler.

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