Weekend Wisdom: How to Stop Eating When It Tastes So Good

OMG. Do you know one of the HARDEST things I had to re-learn while losing 100lbs?

Picture this. I’m eating my beloved nachos.

I get about half-way through and I KNOW I am satisfied.

Insert PISSED OFF right here. Why? Because a half a plate of nachos are laughing at me and just daring me to eat them.

They are delicious. They cost money. They are God’s gift to my mouth.

And now I have to battle the thought, “It tastes so good…I want to finish them!”

Let me tell you, that was probably one the hardest habits for me to break…stopping when food tasted good.

I’m not even perfect with it now but I’ve learned how to do it and not feel like I am committing a sin against the nacho gods.

I’m a believer in what I eat needs to taste good. I lost my weight learning how to enjoy healthy food, make room for the fun things, but also realizing the overeating part had to stop.

Its is NORMAL to not want to stop when food tastes good. Think about this. You’ve overate for reasons like that for years just like I did.

Just because you set a goal to lose weight and you REALLY WANT to be thin, doesn’t mean that stopping before your plate is clean will be an easy task.

No. Your brain will bitch about it. That’s OK and part of learning you CAN stop. That bitch-fest is normal and serves a purpose.

Eventually, when you learn how to stop eating before you WANT to, you realize you can do it.

Today’s podcast has tips for ending the mental battle over stopping when the food tastes so good.

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