Weekend Wisdom: Why Set Goals?

Have you ever set a big weightloss goal and then felt a little nauseas?

Suddenly, you are thinking about how you can’t do it, you don’t know how, you’ve always failed in the past, or this will take too long.

Your mind starts envisioning you quitting, overeating, and all the past diets where you gave up when it got hard.

I know! When I was 250lbs., I can remember spinning out in my own negative crap so much that all I could think about was how hard losing weight was.

What changed for me was hacking how to think about losing weight. There was just no way I could avoid overeating if I felt defeated and scared all day, every day.

First, you are supposed to have a lot of bullshit thinking when you set big goals.

Doubt, insecurity, fear are all signs that you are headed in the right direction. Don’t make the mistake of thinking those feelings are signs to quit on yourself before you even start.

In today’s podcast, I go deep into this mindset shift.

The bottom line is this…you are likely to feel like ass when you set new goals for yourself. There’s one other thing I want to tell all my girls who are currently in my old shoes.

Something that helped me a lot while losing weight was to set baby step goals. In the beginning, I didn’t even want to THINK about losing 100lbs. I knew that’s what I needed but I didn’t want to focus on such a big number. I just wasn’t ready.

Instead, I focused on what goals I was ready for. My early goals were around how many walks in a month I would take, how many times in a week we would eat out versus eating in, and small, monthly weightloss goals.

Yes, I had 100lbs., to lose but I aimed for 5lbs., a month. It felt doable and since I wasn’t giving up this time, I knew one day I would wake up thankful and I kept going.

Listen to the podcast. If weightloss goals intimidate you then you’ll like this one.

Oh, and I reference my mentor’s podcast in this one. It’s #235 of The Life Coach School podcast.


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  1. Dan on October 8, 2018 at 11:24 AM

    Just a shout-out that my guest, Kristie Reams, gave your show a BIG SHOUT-OUT on my show (“IN DEEP With Dan”, episode 04)! She describes how your motivation set her on her amazing course of taking control of her weight and her health.

    Keep doing the good work, Corinne! You really are improving lives!

    – Dan Reams, Host of “IN DEEP With Dan” podcast


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