Weekend Wisdom: Other People’s Opinions

There’s an old BS thought that comes up for me often.

“What will other people think of me?”

My answer is usually, “I’m not good enough.”

I think it goes back to being bullied about my weight all through school. I can remember being so sensitive about how I looked and never feeling as good as anyone else.

As an adult I can always tell when I’m out of my comfort zone. I can feel the shame of not being good enough wash over me when I start doing something hard.

The old thoughts pop up. Yep, they still do but what’s different now is that I take them as a sign to look inward. Not as a sign I have to be someone I’m not, cave to others thoughts, or give up on myself.

I’m not really afraid of what other people think. It’s a sign I need to work on liking myself and my decisions. The only reason I look outside myself to find fear and doubt is because I haven’t figured out how to be confident and assured on the inside.

It’s time for me to reassure myself of a couple of key things: whatever I’m doubting I CAN do it if just keep going, and I can’t expect others to approve of me if I don’t approve of me first.

When you start leveling up your opinion of yourself you’ll notice you just don’t stew in the thoughts of others.

Take a listen to the podcast this week if you, too, worry what other people think,


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