Weekend Wisdom Ep.73 – Finding The Reason You Want To Lose Weight

Why do you want to lose weight? It’s an important question.

When you are faced with free doughnuts on Friday, a little cake leftover on your kid’s plate, or drinks with the girls you MUST KNOW WHY you are going to say no.

Most of us WANT to lose weight but we truly haven’t taken the time to understand why losing weight is so important to us.

I’ve recently been working with my Tribe on finding their personal reason WHY they want to lose weight.

For me, I just want to look HAWT. Sexy. Badass. And, I want to twerk when I’m 80 without throwing a hip.

Others want to be healthy. My co-host on the podcast, Kathy, wanted to play with her grandchildren.

Finding your WHY helps you remain focused on the person you want to become, especially when you’re sitting across the table from your husband eating a pizza licking his fingers extending the last slice.

Your WHY doesn’t take away cravings, but it does help you remember the decision you want to make in the moment that gets you closer to the person you want to be.

In Episode 73, I talk about the importance of finding your WHY, and how to go about figuring it out.

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