Do you struggle with eating what you say you will eat to lose weight ?

Read this from the PNPTribe Mastering Weightloss Accountability Course (one of many bonus courses my members enjoy)…

“Learning how to hold yourself accountable means practicing how to choose new but uncomfortable ways to think and act, setting up your own check-in systems, planning, and assessing new habits.

Self-accountability is simply who you are and what you do when no one is watching.“

Someone is ALWAYS watching. YOU are. Whether you want to admit it or not you always know what you are doing or have done with your food.

When you are losing weight it’s important you know how to “watch yourself” and be OK with it!

Most of us go through life overeating thinking “no one is watching.” 

The real trick to weightloss is understanding YOU are the most important person watching. You can’t escape yourself. You might try but you can’t.

So rather than working so hard on running from yourself with food why not start paying attention?

The answer to that question will say a lot. You’ll either hear your motivation to move forward or your fears that keep you stuck.

Losing your mental weight is everything. Most people focus on diet plans and restrictive food lists. They never look at what the real problem with their weight is. I specialize in helping women get past the mental bullshit drama so they can lose weight.

Start your mental weight journey today, what do you have to lose? Click here for my free course.


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