How to Quit Blowing Your Diet on the Weekend!

In this Facebook Live we go into DETAIL about what must change to quit blowing diets on the weekend.

I start with the mindset. So many of us do a super strict plan all week, barely hanging on, and then WONDER why we can't keep our shit together by Friday night.

I tell you how to change the middle of the week to have a better weekend.

Then we discuss how to actually go out to eat and not stuff yourself silly with junk.

Note: I did this LIVE TWICE because it was so good. The first time my fans had connection issues so I came back to do Q and A. They begged me to do the whole thing again. LOL

So I did!

The first 20-30 minutes is all about weekends and the last part is general Q and A. I always answer my fans questions to the very end.



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  1. Elizabeth Andersen on July 5, 2017 at 2:08 PM

    I love these videos. Your straight talk is great!! It’s just what I need to hear.


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