November 8, 2019

Podcast #135: Key Habits to Losing All of Your Weight

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5 Key Weight Loss Habits


How many of you just don’t give a f*ck anymore? You’ve got no interest in doing bullsh*t diets. I’m talking about weight loss habits in this episode of the LOSING 100 POUNDS PODCAST WITH CORINNE. So, listen up!

I’ve studied my weight loss journey and the journey of women in my No BS Weightloss Program and pulled out what worked that you need to know. These FIVE KEY HABITS are the difference between the people who are successful in losing weight and those who are getting frustrated with how slow it’s going. I’ve seen women use these tips to lose weight (even in their 60’s), lose over 100 pounds, run half marathons, and achieve goals they never thought possible.



#1 Develop routines that work FOR YOU.

If you’re not losing weight, you already have routines. Start looking at what you do daily and start replacing them with something that works for you, not against you.

My first routine was to start walking every single day.  No excuses. I needed to practice having a routine I didn’t shit on.  I wanted to keep the promise no matter what.

Many people start a ton of new routines at once and then after a week or two, it blows up in their faces.  Don’t set the bar too high at first.  Just pick one thing that you have to get good at and keep pushing yourself to do.

Where am I going to start?  Is this doable?  You can sign up for my free Losing for Life Kickstart Video, Course, & Guide and I’ll help you with this.  The key with this habit is if it’s not doable, don’t pick it.  If it’s doable, that’s the one to pick. Then, keep practicing that one thing until you’re ready to layer in something else that’s doable.

After I masted walking every day,  I added in other habits like getting up early, drinking water, starting the coffee, writing my goals, planning my food, and what I was going to do for the day.  I do this every single day and it was grown into my routine over the years.

Start with one simple change.



#2 Surround yourself with information that supports your goals.

You need to expose yourself to new ideas and directions you want to go in. Who am I surrounding myself with?  What am I watching on the internet? Keep your mind out of the sh*ter. Surround yourself with things (books, podcasts, courses, people) that will help you to reach your goals.

Some ladies listen to me all the time on my podcast. The positive podcasts aren’t a mirror of what you’re not doing, use them as a mirror of things you could be doing.

But, it’s not just about what you hear, it’s also what you see. I will sometimes go through Instagram and unfollow everyone that posts negativity.  I even do this with Facebook, email, and my accountability circles.

Start now! Follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Subscribe to my podcast. Check out my favorite weight loss habits, mindset & motivation books. Register to receive my free course or email newsletter. I’m constantly pumping our tips, tricks, and common-sense information to help you lose weight, stay motivated and keep on track.



#3 Start slow.

Don’t jump in headfirst and change all the things at once. Pick one thing, get used to it. Then fold in something new.

If you’re eating a big bag of chips on the way home from work each night and stressing about all things you need to do that evening, start with switching the big bag for a small bag or some Baked Lays.

You can start changing.  You can do a little better for yourself.

Switch from eating ice cream out of the carton to eating it out of a bowl.  Those little steps are doable and sustainable and so important.  Do it because you can, not because you should.

Quick-fix diets will not fix you.  You decide what you’re willing to do for yourself, that’s what will change who you are.  That’s how you start to love yourself.



#4 Work on your self talk.

Stop being an asshole to yourself. It’s not doing you any favors.

When you don’t have food to emotionally eat with, you’re left with what you’re thinking (your fears, your doubts).

I have an entire bonus course inside my No BS Weightloss Program membership for self-love because it’s so important.

When you decide to no longer binge anymore and you’re left sitting there, who are you going to be sitting with…it’s yourself.

Work on your self-talk.  It’s so much more important than counting calories or macros.  You deserve better. Keep practicing better.

You’re not going to lose weight hating yourself and keep it off.  A lot of people use weight loss and the scale to define their worthiness each week.  If you don’t work on how you talk to yourself, the moment that scale doesn’t go in the right direction, you’ll beat yourself up.



#5 Don’t WISH for weight loss. Decide and make it happen.

You have to break weight loss down to where it’s not overwhelming. Once it’s not overwhelming and it’s doable, you just have to get over the thought “it’s not good enough.”  What’s not good enough is you bitching and moaning and acting like doing nothing is better.  From now on we just take action. Don’t hope your life into being different — make it happen. The best way to STOP wishing and START doing is to take action. Make a daily plan and stick with it.

Even though I’ve lost all my weight, I still write my goals down every single day.  I want to keep my weight off, live a long life, be here for my husband and son.  Food is the vehicle that will allow me to see Logan in his 50’s and 60’s.  I also love my clothes and don’t want to have to get rid of them because she gained weight. So, I write my food down every day.

Sit down and make a plan of what you will do each day to lose weight.  Don’t just wish for it or think about it. Reinforce it in writing.  This is what I’ll eat today, this is what I’ll think about myself today, this is my goal.  Do it daily.

Members of the No BS Weightloss Program & Membership do the same thing.  They don’t complain and wish they didn’t have to.  They don’t act like they shouldn’t do it because they don’t always follow it.  You definitely won’t follow a plan that isn’t written out.  If you’re writing a plan every day and not following it, you’re not creating a realistic plan.  DECIDE to start where you’re at and take action by making a plan to lose weight for life.


Weight Loss Habits Help You Lose Weight the Way You Live

Start slow, get a routine, listen to the right stuff, quit listening to bullshit and bullshit people, don’t wish for weight loss, start making it happen, start writing goals, and work on yourself-talk.

Dive deeper into these key habits in my podcast where I talk about how to personalize them and make them work for you.

Let me know in the comments which habit you’ll be implementing first!


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