Episode 130: Changing Your Weightloss Perspective

Perspective Shifts in Weightloss

You will lose weight because of one thing.

You decide to think differently.

Losing weight won’t be because of a new diet or even using my free course.

Your weight loss comes down to you changing how you think about your ABILITY to do it.

You either keep thinking you can’t figure out weightloss and find excuses.

Or, you start thinking I might figure it out.

Sit for a moment.

Think, “I can’t figure it out.”

How does it feel?

Pretty shitty, right? You probably feel defeated, drained, or helpless.

That’s exactly why we eat BULLSHIT at 8pm that we don’t plan! If you believe you can’t lose weight, every night you’ll trigger yourself to think, “Why bother. Start tomorrow.”

Now think, “I might figure it out.”

Guess what? You feel a little hope. There’s a tiny energy shift. You might even have triggered a thought like, “But how?”

That’s the moment you can insert my free course and podcast teachings.

Girls! If you are going to TRIGGER something let’s trigger thoughts of “how” instead of thoughts of “why bother.”

You cannot afford to think, say out loud, or argue for the most limiting thought ever in weightloss: I can’t figure it out.

You absolutely can figure it out if you focus on what you be might be able to do instead of what you can’t do.

Today’s podcast is a must-listen: Changing Your Weightloss Perspective. 

I give you the four key thoughts to use to go from believing you can’t figure this out to I have figured it out.

As a bonus, I tell you how to practice them and what to look for to know it’s WORKING.





  1. Donna on October 8, 2019 at 8:57 AM

    Hey Corinne, I’m a groupie in Georgia. I had a friend tell me about you about 9 months ago. I had listened to some of the podcasts but thought I’d probably do better if I started from the beginning and listened to them all in chronological order. I took a roadtrip to Ohio Saturday to surprise a friend for her birthday and drove back on Sunday. 1,000 miles in the car listening to your podcasts and I think I’m finally getting it. I made it up to around #17 and then on my phone it goes from #17 to #102. I’m desperately trying to figure out how to get #18 through #101. I went to the website phit.click/podcasts and I can see each one of them on my computer, but I need them on my phone. I tried copying a link from #18 and sent it to myself to see if I could open it on my phone. But it automatically takes me your podcasts on my phone but #18 through #101 aren’t there. Has this happened to anyone else? Is there a way I can fix it? Help….I want to hear them all.

    • Kelli on December 16, 2019 at 11:08 AM

      Not sure where I found this link but you can download them from this one.



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