May 28, 2018

There Are No Problems…Just Decisions

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I recently listened to a speaker who coached on problems.

He said…

There are no problems.

I know. You are like there a tons of problems. I have loads of them.

Not really.

You have decisions to make. Problems are where you sit and likely anguish with a decision to make. Often we sit a lot longer than needed.

When you spend time thinking you have a problem ask yourself…

“What decision am I willing to make right now?”

Or this one which I think is a very powerful question. So powerful that I want you to write it down and ask it the next time you have a problem.

“What decision am I AVOIDING making?”

Often we spin out in overwhelm when we just need to make a decision.

Am I eating off plan on vacation or not?

Do I have time to go the gym or not?

Am I going to stay mad or forgive?

Trust me. When I heard this I got so defensive because I could list my problems. So I did! I listed every problem I had.

I found a long list of decisions to  make and a lot of things I was afraid to commit to.

I didn’t have problems.

Try it. You might be surprised.

I can tell you this. I got super clear on things I needed to do and felt pretty amazing to have dropped a lot of BS overwhelm.

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