Monday Motivation: Why We Lose Motivation to Lose Weight

Have you ever thought, “I just don't know why I am not motivated? I used to be and somehow I've lost it.”

You can't lose motivation. You can quit doing things that drive your motivation but motivation doesn't magically disappear.

It's important to understand this. Most people sit around reading blogs or emails HOPING to FIND motivation. That's BS.

Motivation is simple.

It's earned.

It's a feeling you generate AFTER you've done a lot of shit you didn't want to at first.

For example, you decide to bring salads each day for lunch this week. Wednesday everyone is going to NACHO DAY at the local hot spot.

Your brain panics. “OMG the nachos are half off! OMG I'll be left out. OMG they should've told me yesterday so I could plan better!”

Your salad now looks like a raw deal next to nacho day with all the “Normal people who can eat whatever they want.”

This is where motivation is either earned or not chosen.

You'll either eat your salad or eat the nachos.

You'll be motivated tomorrow or you won't by honoring a plan that isn't exactly sexy in the moment.

Nowhere was motivation lost. Motivation is sitting there quietly waiting on you to pay the price of commitment by choosing a not so exciting salad.

You see, I want you to lose weight. And I am DETERMINED to tell you the truth on how it gets done.

You don't need a fancy diet but you DO have to decide to follow whatever plans you make.

Losing weight is just a series of small choices made daily. Set yourself up with easy, executable ones and you will build your motivation.

This Facebook Live goes deeper into motivation. It's been watched by over 13,000 people and most of them are like, “Ok. That was a game changer in my thinking.”

I want you to watch it, too. Let me know what you think.


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