Monday Motivation: I Shocked Myself

When I lost 100lbs. I gotta be honest.

I shocked myself.

I was always overweight.

Let's say I come from “healthy genes.”

I grew up in the McDonald's drive-thru and lived for a #2 with mayo instead of mustard, super-sized fries, Diet. Dr. Pepper, and a Butterfinger McFlurry.

I wasn't supposed to lose weight but I did.

I never played sports but I've done nearly 60 half-marathons.

I have no college degree but I teach 1000's of women weekly to lose weight.

What's NOT shocking is that I did all this. What's shocking is that for years I REALLY believed in order to lose weight I needed experience, good genes, a better upbringing, and belief that I could do it.

Thank God I realized that I was using those beliefs as excuses to not try.

At some point we all ask ourselves a simple question: When will I quit allowing my doubt to make my decisions?



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