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How to Weigh-in Without Losing Your Mind [REPLAY]

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How to weight in without losing your mind replay.

Have you ever weighed in and wanted to pull your hair out because your weight is going down SLOWER than you think it should?

What about a week you did ALLLL the right things and ended up GAINING weight?

WTF, right?

There are three key things to know. I go into detail during this week’s free weightloss training. You’ll learn…

What to realistically expect with weekly and daily weigh-ins.

Why your body sometimes doesn’t lose at the same rate as your perceived effort.

How to avoid self-sabotage when you weigh-in.

Show Notes:

Facebook Live: How to weigh in each week

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Today we’re going to talk about how to weigh in without losing your mind. Corinne gets hundreds of emails about this all the time.

The most frequently asked question is “how often should I weigh?” It doesn’t matter how often you weigh in, but don’t weigh multiple times a day.

When you get off of the scale, take a minute to write about the number and review what you were doing the last week. What was helpful, what wasn’t, what should you continue to do?

The scale can’t piss you off and it can’t make you happy. All it can do is give you a number, then you get to decide what you think about it.

Don’t get on the scale with crappy thoughts, see the number, then think “nothing works!”

It’s been 15 years since Corinne lost 100 pounds. Half the time when she gets on the scale and it’s up, she’ll first think “this is bullshit” and then she moves onto “okay, what are we going to do today?” She doesn’t spiral, she starts looking at what she needs to do. Listen to the freakout and change the conversation!

If you’re going to lose weight, you’re going to need to be able to think the same bullshit you’re thinking now, but be able to change the conversation on purpose for as long as it takes. You have to be willing to figure it out for the rest of your life.

Corinne is going to be hosting the first ever Live Virtual Weightloss Event on May 23rd.  She’ll be discussing self-sabotage all day. Get on Corinne’s free course list at www.pnp411.com so that you’ll get emailed about the event.

So many people get on the scale, see that it didn’t move and freak out because “I did all the right things!” This is not a useful thought. It sets you up for self-sabotage.

Saying “I did all the right things” makes you automatically feel defeated. You might have done a lot of right things, but maybe it’s time to take an honest look at all the things. Look over your plans from the last week, maybe there’s something that you need to change.

If you get on the scale and gained weight and said that you did all the right things, you were either overeating and not seeing it or you have hormonal things going on. You have to patient with yourself and look at what might be going on.

There is no “doing all the right things,” there is only “these are things I did this week.”

Self-sabotage is super simple, you have bullshit thoughts going on in your head that you’re not facing and you need to change the conversation around them.

The mental game is key to losing your weight. How are you going to stick to your food plan? How are you going to start creating the life that you want? How are you going to talk to yourself when you overeat?

If you’re going to weigh daily, know that every single day the scale isn’t going to go down. That’s not the way it works. If that’s going to bother you, weigh in once a week. Corinne’s members always weigh in on Friday. If you are going to weigh in every day, you need to use it as an opportunity to change the relationship you have with yourself.

Never weigh more than once a day. You have no good reason to do it. It is not helpful or useful.

The scale is just a machine that gives you a number. When you see the number, you can tell yourself “this is just what I weigh today and I’m working on being the best version of me.”

Corinne answered a ton of listeners’ questions at the end of the Facebook Live. Please check it out and listen to her amazing answers!

Corinne teaches weightloss that starts with the mental game and ends in the physical game. She teaches it super simple. She has a free course at www.pnp.411.com. She has over 200 free podcasts episodes available (Losing 100lbs with Corinne). You have the resources available to you to start living a better life now!




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