Episode 90: How to Stop Failing at Weightloss

I remember crazy diets I tried hoping this would be the one that would work.

The Military Diet was my favorite. It had tuna and ice cream on it. You ate this crazy mix of bullshit for three days and then you would eat “normally” for four.

If I knew how to eat normally I wouldn’t be on the damn Military Diet!

That’s the problem with your past diets. They expect you to just wake up on Monday, get your emotional eating shit together and VOILA! You lose weight.

We are hosed year after year by the diet industry. This time of year is THE WORST.

You are seeing all the ads that promise MAJOR weightloss and this amazing happy life that will be the result of pre-packaged meals and a gym membership.


They are counting on your desperation to lose weight. They will tell you about pills, shakes, meal plans, and more to convince you that weightloss is fast and easy.

What they don’t understand is that when you eat chips and ice cream at 8pm it has nothing to do with being hungry.

I know back when I weighed 250lbs I ate because I was TIRED and desperately wanted some me time.

If you are like me, no shake makes you feel cared for and deserving of quiet time. Pills don’t take away feelings of stress and overwhelm from another day of not getting it all done.

I tried these diets and FAILED them time after time. I felt like a failure.

If you feel me then know this… All that’s happened is the diet industry has set you up year after year to fail. YOU ARE NOT A FAILURE.

Today’s podcast is KEY. You are going to learn how to release feeling like a failure and start believing you can lose your weight.

You will love how we take you though a simple process to release the feelings of failure, examine what happened in the past and feel confident about trying to lose weight again. It’s my New Year’s gift to you.


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