November 9, 2018

Episode 83: Advice for the MAN In Your Life to Lose Weight and Support You

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Ever wanted your man to understand how to SUPPORT you in weightloss?

Has your man said, “I like this Phit-N-Phat lady…wish she had a podcast for me.”

Today is your day. The podcast today is a MAN-SODE.

What is that?

I’m talking to the dudes about what you go through, why telling you what to eat pisses you off, or why giving you exercise advice makes you feel fat.

And, I also tell the guys who want to lose weight with me how to BEST use the podcast. Psssttt…I tell them to do what you do and to ignore my period.

Just like I tell you, I tell them…I don’t care if you are a dude. That doesn’t make you a special unicorn.

Here’s what I want you to know, though, because this is so important.

No one in the world can support you enough until YOU ARE READY to SUPPORT YOURSELF.

If you are waiting around on your momma, your husband, or your co-workers to show up differently so that you can lose weight…


This podcast helps you start working on the most important relationship – the one with yourself.

Go to to listen.

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Ready to lose weight for the last damn time?

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I'm Corinne Crabtree

Corinne Crabtree, top-rated podcaster, has helped millions of women lose weight by blending common-sense methods with behavior-based psychology.

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