May 5, 2017

Episode 4: Food Rules Part 1

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Have you been on about 1000 diets? Each and every one of them has different diet rules.

It gets confusing! Then you start a new diet with lingering thoughts about what your old rules. Which ones are right?

Today is part one of the food rules straight talk express. There are so many stupid rules out there this topic needs two episodes!

You will learn:

Should I eat fat?

What the hell is a healthy fat?

Do you eat real dressing or low fat?

How much water do I need and why do I even need it?

Count calories or not?

Are macros important?

Should I stop eating at certain time of day.

It’s a butt load of good information that will likely surprise you! Remember, I’m not a dietician but I am definitely going to dish up my opinions.

More than that, you will learn how to just THINK about things in a commonsense way. I think that’s what ruins us with all these diets. They don’t allow YOUR commonsense about YOUR body to come into play.

If you want some clarity this will be the podcast for you.

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