Episode 332: 4 types of eating

Every human does 4 types of eating.

But most diets make you do just ONE type of eating without addressing how to stop the others that put on the weight.

This is why I'm always saying diets are failing us.

I don't want you wondering what's wrong with you when you're just doing normal shit that doesn't HAVE to be getting in the way of weightloss.

That's why if you want to lose weight, it's important to know the 4 types of eating EVERYONE does (even thin people):

1. Mindless Eating

2. Habit Eating

3. Emotional Eating

4. Physical Eating

You can lose weight without stopping all your mindless, habit and emotional eating. In this podcast, I'm breaking down each type and giving you some tips that'll make it easier to lose some weight this week.

Listen today so you can stop thinking something is wrong with you and start losing your weight for good.


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