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Episode 327: 4 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Eat

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I know when I say, “You can eat what you want and lose weight,” it sounds like I’m just telling you what you want to hear.

If you’re like most of the women who’ve lost their weight in No BS, you’re thinking…

  • Sure, that might work for some people, but I’m not one of them.
  • If I eat the foods I love, how do I know if I’m doing it ‘right’?
  • I need limits. Can this really work for me?

To lose weight eating the foods you love, there are 2 things you need to know.

  • 95% of the time, when we lose weight by cutting out our favorite foods, we don’t keep our weight off.
  • Eating the foods you love ≠ eat what you want when you want.

To lose weight while eating the foods you love, there are 4 questions to ask before you eat. And I’m talking about them on today’s podcast, Episode 327: 4 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Eat.



You. Hello, everybody. Welcome back. So today I want to talk about a topic. I was sitting around with my closest colleagues, which are the people on my team.


If you don’t know about nobs, I hire from within. And hiring from within means whenever I add people to our team, I usually put a job posting inside the membership first because I just always feel like, number one. So many of our members, they have been around for a long time. They have changed their lives. And I am very blessed to have members that have decided that their next big move in their career, they just want to help people lose weight, just like I did.


And I don’t think there’s anything better that I can do for the weight loss industry than to help bring up and support more people who want to change my clients lives, all of my members lives. So the other day I was just talking to them and saying like, good Lord, you all. What else am I going to talk about when it comes to weight loss? And we just came up with a lot of topics and they said, think you should talk about stuff you’ve talked about in the past, and I think you should talk about it from your perspective now because you have taught literally everyone. I have put 1 million people plus I think it’s like 1.2 million now.


People have gone through my free courses. I have over 50 million of you have downloaded this podcast at some point, which let me just say, I so appreciate it. And if you ever if I’ve changed your life, people ask me all the time, I wish there was something I could do for you, tell you exactly what you can do for me. You can make sure that more people know about the podcast. You can tell your doctors, you can tell your friends, your family.


You can tell that woman who is struggling. Hell, you can tell men about it. So often I get people who write in who are men who are listening to this podcast and are say, you’ve changed my life, you’ve changed my family’s life, and it is an honor. So I was talking to them about like, what should I talk about? And there’s a concept that I talk often about on the podcast that I could give you all a little bit more clarity on, and that is what is eating what you want.


How does that play with your weight loss? Is it true we hear this all the time? Is it true that I can eat whatever I want and lose weight? Other people will say, there’s just no way I can eat whatever I want and lose weight. And here’s the thing, you actually can.


I think the problem is most of us don’t understand the want side in the world right now. We are taught that wanting is basically based off of one criteria. It’s what I want in this moment, we don’t take into consideration other factors. And so when people become a member of the nobs weight loss program, I teach them. How do we start considering more than just impulse?


More than just it looks good, more than well, they offered it more than I had a bad day. Your wants are probably if you need to lose weight, when you think about eating what you want, you probably associate eating what you want with the last time you over ate or you only think of foods that taste good. I just want you to close your eyes for a moment. Sorry, I have got a little bit of a thick throat today. It is allergy time in the state of Tennessee.


So if you’re wondering why I keep clearing my throat, it’s literally because of the allergies. And I know that my Southerners are feeling me right now with all the blooms. We are in June, and it is large and in charge right now. So I want all of you to just close your eyes. Unless you’re driving, of course, do not close your eyes.


But if you’re in a place where you can do it, I want you to just imagine, what is it that I think I want to eat?


Just literally, what is it that I think it is that this is just the things I want to eat. And then I would invite you to write those down, because even when I do it, I think I want nachos and I want wine and I start listing all the foods that I just love eating. But here’s the problem. When I look at those foods and I really question, is this what I ultimately want to be eating? For me, knowing that I want to lose weight, knowing maybe you’re in maintenance like me, I want to keep my weight off.


Knowing that I’d like to be able to wear a size ten one day, wear a size eight one day, knowing one of these days I see myself off my diabetes medicines and stuff. Does your list of your knee jerk wants when it comes to food match up to the life you ultimately want? Very often they don’t match, but that doesn’t mean that those foods are bad. It doesn’t mean that we throw those foods away. All it means is that we don’t have a strong enough criteria for figuring out how to incorporate foods we like.


So I want you all to think about this. There are four major filters to put your food through. In my world, I lost 100 pounds. I’ve been able to keep it off for, oh, my gosh, it’s almost 16 years now. I put all my wants through four filters, which is physically, am I wanting this food right now?


Sometimes it’s a yes. I’m actually hungry. So when I say you can eat, like, I’m going to teach you how to lose weight the way you’re going to live your life. What I’m really meaning is I’m going to teach you how to think about food in such a way that you can lose your weight and live your life and enjoy it. That we’re going to learn how to have a life with our food.


That works for more than just my knee jerk reactions, my bad days, not wanting to waste some food. We’re going to learn how to filter this through a little bit more. So first, filter is always physical. Before you eat anything, we got to know if we’re hungry. I’m going to tell all of you, if you didn’t do a damn thing to lose your weight, the one thing everybody should always ask themselves is, before I eat something, am I physically hungry or am I emotionally hungry right now?


Am I physically hungry? Or am I coming up with reasons to eat that have nothing to do with being physically hungry? You do that, a lot of you’re just going to lose some weight. You may not lose all your weight. You’ll probably get stalled at some point.


You’re going to reach a point where you can’t get any more weight off because the emotional stuff will be sitting there, and you’ll know you’re not physically hungry, but the podcast will not have taught you yet how to sit there and choose your future over what’s going on for you in that moment. That’s why people become a member of the membership. To learn how to be like, I’ve got to become the person who knows they’re not physically hungry, who knows they’re emotionally wanting to eat. They know they have an excuse in this moment. But I don’t know how to override that stuff.


So for all you podcast listeners that keep stalling out, that’s the missing piece, and that happens in the membership. All right? So that’s just the first thing I just got to figure out. Am I fucking physically hungry or not? Second, filter.


If I am physically hungry, taste. Like, when I’m teaching my members how to plan their food, how to eat every day, the next thing is I want you putting things on there that you enjoy the taste of. Now, that doesn’t mean that even Corinne, I don’t always go full on hardcore pork, barbecue nachos with shredded cheese melted and a lob of guacamole on top and a host of other bullshit. If we’re going to be honest, I love the taste of it. But also, I’m not going to eat the nachos unless I’m hungry, and they’re going to need to be tasty.


But that doesn’t mean it always has to be an orgasm in my mouth. Sometimes I make modified nachos. I helpify them some, because for all of you, you’re getting stalled in your weight loss sometimes because you’re sitting there thinking like, well, I can eat whatever I want, and you’re expecting to eat full monty nachos for lunch, donuts for breakfast, and burgers for dinner.


That is not what you want. It’s only meeting two criteria. You like the taste, and you might be physically hungry, but it doesn’t meet some of the other criteria. But this is the other thing I want you to consider. You might like the taste, but God, would it kill any of us to be like, I love the taste of this, but there’s some little changes I can make that won’t sacrifice a hell of a lot of taste and quality, but it will for sure make weight loss a little bit easier.


For example, back in the day when I did pizza, like, I used to be a thin crust girl. I mean, a thick crust girl. I just thought like, who’s the loser eating thin crust pizza? Why bother? I just want thick crust.


When I decided that I was going to lose my weight and I wanted to be able to eat some pizza, I was like, would it kill you, Corinne, to go with thin? Like, no, it’s not going to kill me. Let me try it. Lo and behold, it was great that I was willing to tweak it, make some changes, because I was like, okay, I can eat pizza a little bit more often if I’m not throwing down the whole shebang. I’m making some choices.


I’m making some choices that align with weight loss. Now, third criteria is your future has to come into play. So first, am I hungry? Number two, taste factor. Am I eating the things I like, and am I doing it in a way that I might could sacrifice a little taste, but I’m down with it.


That’s all right. Third is your future. Does the future version of you want you eating this? She may be a yes, but sometimes she may be like, you’ll be okay. You don’t got to have a doughnut every morning for breakfast.


Trust me. There’s a day. Sometimes we actually eat oatmeal and we like it now. So we always want to think about if we’re going to be eating what we want and lose the weight, how we want to live our life. We actually have to think about the life we’re wanting to live in the future.


A lot of us want off medications. A lot of us want to live extra time and stuff. And so we have to start making small tweaks to the foods we select right now to match the future that we want for ourselves. It’s really important in your weight loss not get stuck in old diets like all of the traditional diets out there. Do not think about your future.


They only think about your goal weight. That’s not your future. Goal weights are not your future. Your future is the person you envision yourself to be one day. Her life, the way she eats and stuff.


Now, there’s a fourth part of the formula. The last one is occasion. This is where it’s like, am I hungry taste. I’m going to include my future and the occasion. I have occasions, like holidays where I’m like, I want the full experience, and I’m willing to wait until I’m hungry and my future self wants to go she wants to go celebrate the holidays with her mama and eat her fried chicken.


But Corinne also knows she doesn’t need it on a Tuesday in the middle of May. So we want to take all of the factors into play. When I say we’re going to lose weight, the way we’re going to live our life, that you can eat what you want and still lose weight, it means we need to consider all the wants, not just one, not just the taste. We need to be thinking about my physical needs. Does my body need this?


And, like, it my taste needs? What are the foods that matter? What are the foods that I can tweak? What are the foods that I will never tweak? What are the foods that today I think I can’t live without, but I see myself one day maybe not needing them so much.


What does my future want? How is she living? What is she expecting? And then occasions. This is how we really start losing weight, the way we really want to live our life.


We take into more consideration than just our immediate whim. We really start doing all of this work on paper. I have podcasts on paper thinking a lot of you sit and listen to my podcast, and you don’t do any of the writing that I tell you to, and you wonder why I’m so entertained. But I’m not losing weight. I lost some weight, and then I stalled.


Do the work. And if you’re one of my members, you know I preach this all the time. If I tell you to do something on paper, you better damn well do it, because I’m not blowing smoke up your ass. I’m telling you, it’s important. So think about what your truest wants are, all of them.


Maybe you have more you want to add to the list, then decide when I’m eating, how can I make sure that I’m taking care of all of my wants and desires, not just the immediate one? All right, I will talk to you all next week. Bye.


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