Episode 273: 3 Things you MUST Believe to Lose Weight

I remember thinking at 250lbs, “I will never lose my weight.”

I WANTED to lose weight so bad. But I didn't think I could do it.

Day after day, I thought:

How hard it would be for me since my whole family struggled with weight. My genes were ‘bad,” so why bother.

About all the diets I had failed. There's no way somebody with my track record could lose weight.

So how could someone like me, who'd been overweight since the age of 9, had bad genetics, no idea how to cook, failed diet after failed diet, and ZERO belief in herself, ACTUALLY lose 100lbs?

I had to find the RIGHT kind of belief. I was trying to believe in the wrong things at first.

And that's why belief is so tricky to build. We don't know how to do it.

TODAY, that changes.

In a 2-part series, I'm teaching the components of belief, which is part of a new course inside the No BS Weightloss Program called “Mastering Maintenance.”

(You have a quality problem when your clients lose so much weight that you need an innovative and ground-breaking maintenance program.)

Belief comes down to 3 important components. Today's podcast explains each one in detail so you can LOSE weight confidently instead of fearfully (resulting in you quitting before you barely even start).

And, in next week's podcast, I'll tell you about the phases of belief we all go through. So watch for that episode, too.

When you finish these two podcasts, you'll have exactly what you need to lose your weight with confidence.

Listen to Episode 273: 3 Things you MUST Believe to Lose Weight.

Episode Transcript

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