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Episode 272: The 3 Keys to Nailing Doable Hunger

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You’ve taken my free course and know all about doable hunger but … it didn’t click like magic.

I bet you’re beating yourself up because you keep forgetting to ask yourself, ‘am I hungry’ before you head to the vending machine for your daily snickers at work.

Maybe last night you got distracted by the dinner conversation. Before you knew it, your plate was clean and you got pissed because you didn’t ask yourself, ‘have I had enough?’ yet again.


It’s normal.

You’re not supposed to get doable hunger right away.

Listen, we’ve been trained from a young age that we should eat more.

What did your parents say?

“are you sure you’re done eating because we’re not going to be eating again until dinner?”

“you haven’t eaten enough. Quit getting distracted and take a few more bites.”

“finish what’s on your plate and then you can go play.”

As we were growing up, our brains internalized that the body must be wrong and trained us to tune it out.

Combine what we learned growing up with dieting (where an app tells you that you’ve eaten all your points for the day BUT you’re starving)…

It’s no wonder why so many of us no longer use our bodies as a tool to tell us when we’re hungry or when we’ve had enough.

The point is …

Eating when you aren’t hungry isn’t a terrible thing.

What IS terrible (and will stop you from making progress and make you more apt to quit) is when you talk to yourself like an asshole.

It took time for us to tune our bodies out, and it’s going to take the THREE THINGS I reveal in this week’s 10-minute podcast to tune it back in.

I promise it’s not willpower that will help you lose weight. It’s figuring out how to keep going when shit doesn’t go the way you planned. And I’m dedicated to helping you figure it out this week.

Listen to Episode 272: The 3 Keys to Nailing Doable Hunger today.



Hi, I’m Corrine. After a lifetime of obesity, being bullied for being the fattest kid in the class and losing and gaining weight, like it was my job, I finally got my shit together, and I lost 100 pounds. Each week, I’ll teach you no-bullshit weight loss advice you can use to overcome your battle with weight. I keep it simple. You’ll learn how to quit eating and thinking like an asshole. You stop that, and weight loss becomes easy. My goal is to help you lose weight the way you want to live your life. If you are ready to figure out weight loss, then let’s go.

Getting pissed when you forget to do it, which means you are like just eating your lunch, and you didn’t even remember to ask if you’re hungry. You are having dinner with your partner and you and her are sitting there, and next thing you know, you finished your plate. You did not remember to ask, have I had enough? That’s not the most, but like, that’s not a terrible thing. What is terrible, and will stop you, and you will be more apt to quit is when you talk to yourself like an asshole, that you heard something one time and it all didn’t just click magically, and suddenly you’re doing it, and it’s easy to boot.

Yesterday, in my fire session, I talked about making sure that you are not trying to be perfect. The goal is to learn how to be intentional with eating. We’re not taught to be intentional with our eating. Think about young children. Had many of you say in the Facebook group, they never even thought about this until I said something, and that is, when we are little people ask us this all the time. Are you sure you’re done? You didn’t eat very much. You know we’re not going to eat again for a few more hours. You better eat a little bit more. For a small child, and I’m talking like up to about 13 or 14, what that signals in their brain, because they always look to adults as like, oh, that’s what we’re supposed to be doing.

Their brain internalizes this message. You don’t go by what your body says. I know your body right now is telling you’ve had enough. I know you’re excited to go play, and I know you want to do other things. Life is not, like life’s exciting things, that can wait. This right here, what you eat, way more important than joy, fun, entertainment, and doing things, like exploring your life. Cleaning your is way more important than moving on and getting out there and enjoying life. The other thing it says is my body must be wrong. I should tune this shit out.

My mother’s telling me to tune it out. My father’s telling me to tune it out. That is why as adults, as grown-ass women, one of the reasons why we don’t trust our body, we start our life being told by other people that our body is the worst indicator. It has, like should have no say so on if we’re hungry. Then we also internalize all this other shit of like, oh, eating is fun. Not going out and playing, but this is supposed to be the part where we’re focused on and enjoying. That’s how all this starts. Then you combine, we grow up and we start dieting, and then Weight Watchers tells us, Corrine, this is how many points you get to have.

I know you’re really hungry, but this is how many points you get to have. Or Corrine, you have all these extra points. You have all these extra calories. I know you don’t need a lot of food today. Like you’re sitting there thinking you’re not hungry, but you really should eat them. You should just ignore that you’re not hungry. You combine all of that, and that is why so many of us no longer use our body as a tool in order to eat. We are looking outside of ourselves to know if it’s right. So, don’t get pissed that when you hear me say that you are going to ask, am I hungry, and have I had enough, that on day one, that it didn’t just click and become automatic.

It takes time to get used to doing it. Just don’t quit. Don’t quit telling yourself, like when you miss it, just say that’s all right. Next time, before I start the meal, I want to remind myself to ask the question. Can I set a timer on my phone? What are the ways I could make this easy? Then you do that. So, the key is to stop having unrealistic expectations, number one. It’s not going to happen overnight. It takes time to get used to asking the questions. It also takes time to understand your typical desires to eat. When you know when you have these typical times where you just want to eat, for some of you, yesterday, you may have just rolled up to the vending machine because you always do. You may have just ate something off of somebody’s desk, because you always do.

When your kid left some food behind, you may have cleaned it up, even though you weren’t hungry. That is all just habitual eating that with enough time, patience and understanding, which we talked about yesterday, that as long as you keep the idea, I can learn this. It just takes time. One day, I’ll be able to. When you tell yourself that stuff instead of, oh fuck. I’m a screw-up. I’ll never get it. I’m the broken one. I’m that one person Corrine’s never going to be able to help. I knew it would be me. That’s getting pissed, and that’s getting personal about asking a question. We’re not here to get personal. We’re not here to personally attack ourselves. So, just like I talked about yesterday, the most important thing any of you can learn this week, when it comes to your weight loss, you have to learn how to not talk to yourself like an asshole.

That, of my 15 years of coaching thousands of women, 38 million podcast downloads, other people asking me to come and speak to their people, the one thing that I’ve nailed it all down to is you have to unlearn talking to yourself like an asshole when things don’t go perfect. Because in weight loss, they’re never going to go perfect. They’re just going to go, and you’re going to be constantly refining and tweaking until you get the hang of it, until it becomes your new normal, until it becomes what is in you. So, for all of you, please listen for every single time I talk about it this week, because a bunch of you are going to join No BS, and we’re going to take it to the next level on breaking assholery talk.

A lot of you are not going to join, and you’re not going to get that constant messaging. So, you got to make the most out of it this week, because that is the one thing that I watch people who don’t join, they listen to the podcast, and they’re constantly trying to like get tactics for those four basics while they talk to themselves like asshole. That is why diets blow up and don’t work. So, waiting for hunger and stopping at enough does not take your willpower. It takes time, patience and grace, and you’ll see that weight loss is a lot quicker and more effective than calorie counting ever will be, that asking those questions gets easier and easier as time goes on.

The nice thing about Doable Hunger is it gives you plenty of food without having to feel overly hungry. No one’s goal is to be overly hungry. Our goal is slight hunger. Thank you so much for listening today. Make sure you head on over to noBSfreecourse.com, and sign up for my free weight loss training on what you need to know to start losing your weight right now. You’ll also find lots of notes and resources from our past podcasts help you lose your weight without all the bullshit diet advice. I’ll see you next week.



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