May 27, 2022

Episode 269: Summer Weightloss Q&A

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How do you go on vacation and not eat your face off?

Is travel bloat a “real thing,” or am I just fooling myself?

How do you lose weight when your friends are always wanting to “go out” because the weather is nice?

My kids are home and that screws up my usual routine. It’s too stressful to lose weight with all that chaos. How can I deal with that AND try to lose weight, too?

If ANY of this sounds like you, listen to this week’s podcast. My recent Facebook Live was FILLED with answers to all the summer weightloss questions.

Listen to Episode 269: Summer Weightloss Q&A right now.

AND, there’s a special announcement in the podcast. I’m offering something I haven’t in nearly 2 years – a live workshop with me on June 4th. Visit for all the details!


Corinne Crabtre…: Hi, I’m Corinne. After a lifetime of obesity, being bullied for being the fattest kid in the class, and losing and gaining weight like it was my job, I finally got my shit together and I lost 100 pounds. Each week, I’ll teach you no bullshit weight loss advice you can use to overcome battle with weight. I keep it simple. You’ll learn how to quit eating and thinking like an asshole. You stop that and weight loss becomes easy. My goal is to help you lose weight the way you want to live your life. If you are ready to figure out weight loss, then let’s go.

Hello, everyone. This is Corinne. We are here for our monthly Q&A on weight loss, and this is going to be the summer edition. So what I’m going to do today is I’m going to talk to you about a ton of questions that we are getting from all of you. So podcast listeners, from everybody who’s on my email list. We’re just getting a lot of questions about the summer and like, how do you lose weight during the summer? How do I not just blow it during the summer? How do I travel during the summer? So we’re going to cover a lot of things today. You need to hang on.

I’ve already got some pre-populated questions, but just so you know, you can always use #ask inside of the comments here on Facebook, and one of my team will give me the question. If we have time for extra questions afterward, we will totally get to those. If not, then what we will do is my team has agreed that they will come back through for the next day and they will look at the comments and answer or link you to my podcast, where you can find the answers there.

So with that in mind, I am Corinne Crabtree. I am the host of the Losing 100 Pounds podcast with over 41 million downloads, one of the top rank health podcast in all of iTunes. We’ve been doing it, oh gosh, since 2017, I believe. So it’s five years old this year. So if you want to learn more about… Like, let’s say, you listen today and you’re just like, “This is fucking thrilling. I love it Corinne. Love all the things.” You can go to the podcast over an iTunes and you can listen. I also have a free course over on No BS. No, wait, That’s where you can sign up for my free course on how to lose weight. Many people inside of this chat over here in Facebook are a product of the free course. So make sure you check that out.

All right, let’s do this. The very first thing is, let me do a few questions and then I’m going to tell you about something that’s coming up that I think will be exciting for all of you. Somebody just asked, let me cover this real quick. Robin, if you will go to the podcast, that’s where you can find information out about that. I don’t really teach that. I teach something completely different inside of my program that is still cognitive, CBT type information, except I just do it in a very different way that I think makes it a lot easier to shift your thinking. So if you’re one of my members, it would be the four ends process, where it just simplifies the model so that people can quickly figure out how to think and feel better.

So for all of you who are listening and you’re just like, you saw that comment, you can go over there. I just wanted to make sure that you got your help because that is something very different than I’m currently teaching. I’m teaching a brand new way of how to get out of a shitty ass mindset and how to start getting into a mindset in which you can feel a little better, feels very doable, doesn’t feel like a huge fucking leap, those kinds of things.

All right. First question about the summer, let’s see. “In the state where I live only… ” Let’s see, “I try to be outside and enjoy the sunshine as much as I can during this time of year, but I am finding myself lately not eating at all until 4:00 PM in the afternoon when I’ve been up since 5:00 AM. At that point, I feel like I overeat. So I guess, how do you eat on the go when you’re enjoying everything, you’re doing and you’re not feeling hungry.”

I think this is an excellent question. The first thing that I would do honestly, is… Well, let me say this. Let me tell you why this happens. So when we are happy and enjoying ourselves and we’re busy, our body doesn’t think about sending up hunger cues very often, or it will send up whispers of hunger. It won’t really be like, “Bah! I’m hungry.” So it’s like probably whispering through the day, but what’s happening is because you have your focus and your intention on enjoying your life and doing all the things your brain’s not registering it, and that’s okay. It’s just going under the radar. It’s just kind of like, have you ever been at work all day long and maybe you had a little dull headache, but you didn’t think about it, but then you get home and all of a sudden it’s like a rager?

Your body is really good at saying like, I can tell you want to be doing this. So everything else, I’m going to try to put it on the back burner, and it is not going to make it an emergency. But here’s what happens, when all that’s over with, your body has been sitting there wanting to eat through the day. But if you’re like every human, all humans can go and just eat once a day. We know this because there are… Like a lot of are like, “Ha! Blasphemy, Corinne. Oh my god! That’s like eating disorder mentality.” No, there is no one sitting in the African bush right now who’s not been introduced to eating disorder mentality, who has to hunt for their fucking food, sitting around thinking about how deprived they are. You know what they’re doing? They’re hunting and gathering. So I’m not saying this for y’all to eat once a day. What I’m saying is that a lot of times when we get to 5:00 o’clock and we haven’t ate all day long, all of sudden our body is going to throw up all the signals.

What I see most often though, is you dog pile thoughts on there, and these are the unhelpful thoughts, “I haven’t ate all day. I can have a little.” That creates permission to just eat without thinking, without noticing. I want you to think about that thought. It’s not a terrible thought. Yeah, you did not eat all day long, but do we really want to go into a meal feeling permissive, or do we want to go into a meal and feel this way, aware? We don’t have to go the opposite of permissive, which is restrictive. What we do want to go in is aware. So if you know this is a pattern, you start looking for, what are these thoughts that I have that right before I eat are probably setting me up to just tune out, overeat, go ham, and go hard.

And when you understand that, then what you want to do is you want to tell yourself, okay, I really, really need to be focused on this. So when it comes time to eat, I’m not going to just like have my usual thoughts and start eating. I’m going to have my usual thoughts, and then I’m going to say like, “All right, this always happens. I always think, oh boy, or whatever. And what I want to tell myself now is, I haven’t ate all day, which means I’m going to really pay attention and I’m going to on purpose, slow myself down so that I don’t overeat because I’m not paying attention.” That’s the shift. It’s just calming yourself down. It’s being aware that you go into those meals like that. And it is common.

I will just say, I was just in Las Vegas for the weekend. This is summer, my husband and I, we take trips during the summer. We always go to Las Vegas. We go to the fucking same pool, same fucking hotel. We do all the things. And very often, I don’t eat until 11:00 o’clock in the morning. I have brunch. We’d pool all day. I do not like sitting by the pool in 100 degree weather eating. It is just not fun for me. And so we don’t eat again until about 7:00 o’clock at night. And so I don’t sit there and think, “Well, I hadn’t ate all day. This is going to be an emergency. Oh my god, I’m probably going to overeat.”

I used to have those thoughts and what I realized, especially when I was losing weight, I couldn’t focus, I needed to tell myself, we’re not going to focus on this being an emergency and a problem, we’re not going to focus on every time that we’ve overate in the past. I’m not going to focus on a little extra won’t hurt. All of that thinking is why I’ve overate in the past. So if I don’t want to overeat today, I got to think new today. So when I go into these meals, I tell myself things like, what is something that you can order that would be easy to stop when you’ve had enough? So I’ll ask myself that question when it’s time for dinner. I’ll say things to myself. Like, you know, every meal is unique, this is an opportunity to win.

I tell myself very often, just because you didn’t have lunch, doesn’t mean that your stomach got bigger and has more room in the end. That’s another one that’s been helpful for me for all of my life, is to not sit there and think because I missed a meal as if I ain’t got something on this body, no stores of energy that the body can’t tap into, that I need to over-indulge in one meal to make up for shit. I always tell myself, my stomach didn’t get no bigger. Not at all. I don’t need more food. This meal, like every meal, you only need a certain amount of food, that’s it. So those things help.

All right, let’s go on to the next question. A couple of people asked about can’t get outside to exercise during the summer because they live in fucking hot land. A few things that you can do is you can get your ass up early like I do. I live in Nashville, Tennessee, humid as fuck. It’s humid now. We’re going to be 90 degrees by noon today, and it’s in the middle of May, and we’re going to have humidity. So I get it. So you’ve got a couple of options. You can get your ass up at 5:00-5:30 in the morning, go out, walk. That’s what I normally do because I enjoy being outside. My thing about the summer is I do not like the cold. Most of the time in the winter, I am not going to be outside walking. I just, I don’t like it. But in the summer, I just get up super early and then I go out and I don’t think nothing of it. I just don’t sit there and think it’s unfair or that I sure would like to sleep in.

You know what? I tell myself, “No, you wouldn’t because at 12:00 o’clock today, you’re going to be sitting around feeling like shit because it’s hot and you can’t exercise.” So you want to exercise. You just got to decide, what do you want more sleep, or do you want your exercise? You want to go out and walk. The other option is if you are not going to get up early in the morning, there is this thing called the YouTube. And on the YouTube is a lot of free workouts that you can do in your living room with no space. There are walking videos. There are dance videos. There are all kinds of things. As my grandfather used to always look at me and say, “Corinee, those who won’t, do.” That’s the simple fact.

It’s like for a lot of us, we just have to quit… We live in a society where every fucking thing is supposed to be easy. We just have this false ass expectation that I’m supposed to love it, it’s supposed easy. Like, I’m just not motivated. Well, so fucking what? I don’t give a shit if you’re motivated. Do you want it not? If you want it, you don’t need to be motivated. You just need to get your ass up. There’s a huge difference. We all do shit every single day that we ain’t motivated to do. Most of y’all, all of you that have kids, I am pretty sure you do a lot of shit every day for them kids that you ain’t motivated at all to do, but you do them. Why? Because you made it important. Y’all, if you can’t handle my language, here’s a easy fix, get out. This is called a free Facebook live. No one’s making your sit here. Seriously. My team, anybody that complains about language, just tell them to go do something else.

All right. The next thing, this was the other question that I think is important. This is a big one. My concern about weight loss during the summer is that I will be home with the kids 24/7 for six weeks. We will probably get bored and I will get into a certain state of mind where I am just wanting, waiting for the summer to be over. There is no partner, and there is no budget for us to go places.” Let’s just imagine, we got mama and the kids in six weeks, we got to figure our shit out. So I need some brain space now, and I know I will be not getting it during that period. The first thought you have is that you won’t have any brain space. What I would tell myself is I don’t need quiet time as much as I need to quiet what’s going on in my head about what’s happening around me. If you spend your days with your children thinking things like, “I can’t wait for the summer to be over.” You are going to feel miserable.

You could spend your days doing this, thinking, “I wonder what I could do to get a five-minute break.” Like you, all of you, I know it’s not easy. When my son was little, he has autism and it was summertime, it was tough on me. I was with him 24/7, and I was used to sending him to school, getting that break, and all the things. And I’ve been real honest with everybody in my podcast, mothering has always been hard for me. I wasn’t a little kid kind of mom. I’m a much better 19-year-old mother than I was a seven-year-old mother. And he had his challenges and stuff and very often, if we did go anywhere… You know, I didn’t take him on vacation. We could have, but going on vacation meant fits, it meant over stimulation, it meant all kinds of things. Going places in the summer were not easy for us. And I really had to just number one, have compassion for myself.

So for all of you, the first thing to do is rather than sitting there and over focusing on wishing the summer was over, which will always feel dreadful and miserable, have compassion that you’re the kind of mom that spends time with their kids. This is part of mothering, not every part is glorious. When you allow yourself to think like, “I get it self, it’s not easy, you’re doing it alone.” But you are doing it. That will feel better than sitting there and just wishing it was over. So use those moments where you’re wishing it was over to have compassion for yourself. Then the next part is getting creative. If you know you’re going to need brain space, how can you do it?

It may have to be like a lot of times we will have small breaks. So let’s say your kids get busy, let’s say your kids go to bed at night, I can’t tell you how many women I’ve coached inside my membership who will say this. The second the kids go to bed, their brain immediately goes to all the things wrong with their life. They’ll think like, “Ugh, I don’t have a partner. Nobody’s helping me. It’s just me. This is the only break I get during the day.” When we allow ourselves to think that, we are not giving ourselves any brain space. So in a time where we could have some, we’re choosing not to give it. And in that moment is when you want to tell yourself, “This is my time, I’m going to make the most of it. Sitting here and scrolling through what’s wrong with my life or what I wish was different is never going to help me, and I refuse to do that. I will sit here and think this is my break, how do I want to spend it? How do I want to talk to myself through it?”

Eventually, those breaks that you have, your new thinking starts to become more of what you think about. In the early stages though, it’s going to require you to be really on to yourself about how often, when I’m at home with my kids all summer long, am I allowing myself a pity party? Pity parties just aren’t fun for you. They’re a solo party, nobody wants to come, you barely want to be there, but we all do it. And so it’s just noticing when that happening, because if we’re not careful in the summer, if we’re not paying attention to our attitude during the summer, food becomes the option to take the break. If we’re not going to cut ourselves slack in our mind, we will cut ourselves a slice of cake to get away from ourselves. This is what I teach inside of No BS.

So for my members, y’all all know, June 4th, we are having a huge workshop. It is the Summer Reset Workshop, where we are going to kick off the summer and we are going to make some plans, but we are also going to talk about all these common problems that get in the way. It’s a half a day workshop. It’s going to be one where y’all can figure out, how do I set a doable summer goal with weight loss, without it killing me? Like doing something that’s going to coincide with all the vacations, all the trips, kids being at home, grandkids visiting, pool parties, barbecues, spontaneous events. We’re going to be creating plans around all of it. The good news is that if you are not a member and you would like to come, I have not done this in over two years now, you will be able to come for $47.

We are going to be giving you information. If you want to go to, you can see what we’re doing that day, how to sign up, and all the information. But I wanted to kick it off this summer with something that was unique. A lot of people want to start diets in the summer like, “Whoo! I’m excited to dress up, I’m going to get my body straight.” All this other stuff. I think that’s great. I’m all about losing some weight over the summer, but the problem is is that most people are trying to do expensive shake programs or very restrictive things, and it’s like colliding at the exact moment that they’re traveling, they’re going on cruises. Everybody wants to have margaritas on a Friday night, overlooking the lake. It’s coinciding with your life. And so I wanted to offer everybody something unique, which is you get the opportunity to figure out how you’re going to lose weight this summer while enjoying your life.

We’re not going to set up a diet. We’re going to look at all the common things that keep people from losing weight during the summer, and we’re going to create plans around them. So we’ll do things like for all of you whose kids are going to be home, or maybe you’re going to be keeping the grandkids for a couple of weeks. All of the ideal day type stuff, we need to reset them. You got to figure out like, ma’am, when my routine’s going to be different. I need to come up with what the summer routine is like otherwise, all my brain does is bitch and moan all summer long, “I can’t do my routine. These kids are fucking things up.” We cannot do that.

And then there’s some of you who are teachers, who are getting out for the summer and you’re like, “Woo!” And you want to make sure you have a strong routine so that you can use the summer wisely, you can do more than you normally do. But it will show you that there are seasons of life, literally. Like summer is a season, there are seasons of life, and we have to learn how to adjust things. That’s what we have to do.

So for everyone, if you’re a member of No BS, the Summer Reset Workshop is included with your membership. You ain’t going to do nothing but come, honey. And we will give you all the replays if you can’t attend live. For those of you who are not inside of No BS, you are always asking me, “How can I work with you? You’re not open yet.” All the things. This is it. $47 for the day. It’ll be from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM Central Time. You can go to to get information and to sign up. And then you can spend the day with me. You will get the replays and they’ll be there for you to keep.

I’m not one of those people that if you buy the workshop, I’m going to take your replays away in a week. If you pay for a workshop, you should get to keep your workshop. By the way, you can reuse it next year if you want to. So you will get the replays, even if you can’t attend live. I know not everybody can attend live on June 4th. That’s fine. My members, probably 20% of them will be there live, 80% of them will watch the replay when it fits their life. I’m all about making sure that your weight loss fits your life. Not that you have to change your life in order to make weight loss happen. What we want to do is we want to be in the business of making sure that you’re creating the life that you want, that you’re enjoying your life, you’re so aware of your life that you get to go on and lose weight because your life is getting easier for you.

All right. Let’s see. What’s another question? “How do you dial in your nutrition for weight loss when you are out of town the majority of the summer and living out of a hotel room?” I am your expert because I literally, every 10 days, travel for four days and live in a hotel all summer long. And then I have other trips. I’m going to go see my mom for a little bit. All the trips happen during the summer because that is the slowest period for me. It’s easier for me to travel during the summer. The rest of the year, we have events and different things that go on. We are actually going to go deep into this inside the workshop, but I’ll just give you a couple tips.

Number one, you have to quit thinking that this is a problem that you can’t solve. You have to quit thinking that this is going to be really hard. You have to quit thinking that it will be impossible. We have to clean up our brain around that. This is the way I always look at it. I’m going to be traveling, that’s fact. I know what my hunger cues are. So I can always just eat when I’m hungry. Even if we go sit down someplace and I ain’t hungry, that does not mean I have to eat. I can’t tell you how often I end up going places, I am not hungry, I can always order something to go and eat it later if I want to, enjoy the company, enjoy myself. There’s a lot of things I can enjoy. I don’t always have to eat. So my hunger is just always with me.

The other thing I always tell myself is even if I go someplace and I am like, I probably won’t get to eat forever. I’ll be in the middle of a desert, hiking, or whatever, I probably should just eat so that it’s not going to be too long. Then I was like, “All right, I will eat.” And I always know I can stop it enough. That’s the next thing that always happens. So you never need to know a restaurant, you never need to have a fridge available. You don’t need anything like that in the summer in order to lose weight. Do those things make it to where you can have things you love or make it like where it’s like, “All right, I’m going to have snacks in the room. I’m going to have all this.” Sure. But the bottom line is I don’t care if you’ve got a fridge and you’ve got a printed menu of every fucking restaurant you’re going to go to on your vacation. If you’re eating when you ain’t hungry and you are eating past enough, it won’t matter if you have all the accoutrements.

You know what matters? First and foremost, being so focused that when you travel your mouth and your hand are the only two things you need to exercise control over you. You ain’t got to control the restaurants, you ain’t got to control the times, you ain’t got to control the people, you ain’t got to control the menus. But you better fucking have it in your head, “Hmm, no one force feeds me, amazing. Since no one’s going to force feed me, there’s only one person that can eat bullshit without consent. That’s me.” You’re always giving yourself consent. You’re giving yourself consent to say no to things. You’re giving yourself consent to say yes to things. You’re giving yourself consent to eat when you’re hungry. You’re giving yourself consent to eat when you’re not hungry, but it’s all on you, boo.

And when you… Like, “Oh, shit. You’re right.” It’s Corinne. It’s just Corinne doing it. That frees you. This gives you food freedom for the rest of the summer that you’ll never have to say, “Well, I did know what was on the menu. Well, my friends wanted to go last minute. Well, I was on vacation and I thought we were going here, but we went there.” Don’t matter, don’t matter where you go. You know what you going to eat. You could plop me down in any restaurant. We’re going to do this inside the workshop. We’re going to create these things called protocols. And we’re going to have a variety of protocols and we’re going to have protocols for when we go out to eat. We’re going to have protocols if we go to a pool party. We’re going to have protocols for gas stations, because a lot of y’all think that for some reason that when you travel on the road for eight hours, it’s time for Twix and Cheetos. Cheetos is not a right of passage to go on vacation.

We all got to admit we ain’t living in 1985 anymore, where if you went to a gas station, it was candy central. Some of us going to have to grow up. It ain’t like when we were kids. I barely can go to a gas station without crossing a banana, a hard boiled egg, a protein bar. Like my grandfather said, “Those who won’t, will do.” Now, I’m not saying it’ll be easy when everybody’s like, what you going to do when everybody’s sitting around eating Twix and Cheetos in the car and you’re just like, “Yeah, here’s me with my two hard boiled eggs and a cheese stick.” You know what you’re going to do? You’re going to eat it and you got to learn to be proud in that moment, and you got to eat it and you got to tell yourself, nothing bad is happening to me right now. My brain is looking at my children and wanting to steal their Cheetos and their candy. My brain is thinking that son of bitch partner of mine is just, she’s just sitting over there, just eating, knowing I’m trying to lose weight.

It’s those moments that we have to learn how to overcome. Anybody can go to a gas station and pick out a couple of healthy things. That will work for weight loss. That’s not complicated. What’s complicated is sitting there stewing because you think your partner is an asshole because they’re eating food in front of you. We got to get over that shit. You got to learn how to let that shit go.

So the summer workshop is going to be about that stuff. But the biggest thing is when you learn that hand to mouth, when you get good at that, and you quite all of the pity parties, all of the fears, the venom for what everybody’s eating around you, the blame that if you just didn’t get invited to parties, you could lose weight. When we get over all of that, oh my gosh, the weight loss just becomes so much easier. I put my glasses back on. I take them off like 100 times because because I’m ridiculous.

“How do you handle all the alcohol around you during the summer? Being from Texas, we float them rivers and have an extra float to carry that cooler of beer.” That is hilarious. Number one, I love the way that question was asked. You handle alcohol, and we will talk about this in the summer workshop also, you handle alcohol just like you handle the food. Now, you are not going to have hunger and enough signals for alcohol. There’s a slight nuance, but the way that I handle alcohol is I create a protocol around alcohol. So we are going to do that in the workshop.

The simplest way for me to tell you if you’re going to choose not to come to the workshop is you decide, here’s what I drink, here’s how much I drink. The rest of the stuff, you have to tell yourself, once I’ve done that, I now tell myself no, but I don’t tell myself no and then do this crap, “Everybody else is drinking. It’s so unfair.” There’s nothing unfair about other people having drinks while you’re not. Trust me. If we all are going to the Pearly Gates, they’re not going to say like, “You know, well, you had too much.” Or, “Thank god you said no.” It’s such a fake ass thing we tell ourselves and it frustrates us to hell. And it’s not even true.

Here’s what’s not fair. It is not fair for you to think that you are so weak that you can’t sit while other people are drinking when you’ve already had the drinks you want. It’s unfair of you to think of yourself that way. It’s unfair to not lose your weight all because you think this is too hard for you. What’s fair is for you to start telling yourself, “I’m learning to be stronger than I think I am. Sometimes things are hard, but I’m willing to persevere.” That’s fair. That’s treating yourself fairly.

So we have to be really cautious. But when it comes to alcohol, you just have to plan it. That’s what I do. Like, my personal rules in Vegas is I guess is no drinks until we get to the pool. And when we get to the pool, I drink club soda and vodka. I like Peach CIROC, if anybody’s wondering. It’s delicious with club soda. And then I can drink until we leave the pool. And then if we’re not going out, I just stop drinking. And also, I make a plan each day where I ask my husband, like, “Do you think you’re going to want to go out tonight? Because if you are, I want to go ahead now and plan how many drinks I would have at night and what kind.” And then I share it with him, so that we’re on the same page. He just helps me out. He’s my accountability partner. One of the other things that you can do is dub you an accountability partner, someone that will help you, someone that you can tell. It doesn’t even have to be someone that’s there.

My members, do me a favor, if you have an accountability group inside of No BS, will you post how y’all use each other for accountability? A lot of times they’re texting each other. They send each other plans. Any ideas that y’all have and how you use the accountability groups to help you. Because a lot of times, you may not be comfortable yet sharing with partners or friends who are going to be there, your plans. If not, no problem, find people who are not going to be there, that you can quickly text, and that you can do things with. And tag your accountability partners, just so that you can show them some love.

Let’s see. There was one on here that was talking about loose skin. “My concern is a loose patch of skin above my belly button from losing weight, and it shows in my bathing suit. I’m so worried about what people think about it, but damn it, I’ve worked hard to achieve this body. I want to let go of this word.” Okay. I am your girl on this one. Tomorrow, I will post on my Instagram and my Facebook page, a current video, or not a video, a current picture of my bikini body. And I’ll just be really honest. I have worked on this so much. I love my body now more than I ever have. I also have lots of parts of my body that, you know… I don’t sit around and actively wish they were different anymore. I’ve allowed myself to quit doing that part. What I’ve taught myself is that when I’m wishing my body was different, when I wish I didn’t have loose skin and I wish that…

I even had thigh surgery and one thigh is just really rumpled on one side. When you have loose skin surgery and they’re doing something round, it’s really hard. It’s really hard to wrap that puppy. And I’ve got one leg that just, it didn’t get wrapped great. And it wasn’t the doctor’s fault, it’s just kind of the way things are. Plus, I’m getting older and I’m 48 years old and elasticity ain’t what it used to be on top of it being it stretched out.

And what I’ve told myself is that my… The biggest gift I ever give myself is in the moments when I’m up in my head about how I wish it looked, worrying what somebody might think about it, that’s my opportunity right then to show myself I’ve truly changed. I did not lose my weight to continue to hate myself. I hated myself so much for most of my life. I mean, loathsome hatred. I was overweight all my life. I blamed my body for all of it. I thought being fat was what caused all of my pain. And it wasn’t until I was losing weight that I realized that the pain that I was feeling was not my body’s fault. It was my fault for not interjecting and standing up to myself. It was my fault for not figuring out what else is good about me.

I made everything about my body, everything. I’m a funny fucking person. Damn it, all of you are a funny fucking person. I never thought about how much humor and how much delight I bring to people’s lives. I just thought, “Eh, everybody thinks you’re fat. They probably just feel sorry for you.” There were so many opportunities I had when I was overweight to enjoy myself and enjoy my life, and I think about that’s what I want for my women. I know that you will lose weight the moment you start learning how to respect yourself, how to stop beating yourself up. So many of us think that if we are nice to ourselves, that we’ll just overeat, no. When I started being nice to myself, I started asking myself, what can you do for yourself today? What would be something that you could do today that just improves and is a little bit better than yesterday? That came because I was creating a hopeful mindset for myself.

When I felt helpless, when I beat myself up, when I said things like, “You’re too fat, you should get your shit together,” I needed to eat. In the moments when somebody was eating something that looked really good, I would just tell myself, “Why bother? You never lose weight anyway.” That’s what I had to change. I didn’t even realize that I was never going to be able to beat myself up enough to lose weight. Beating myself up was causing me to keep the weight. And when I really started saying like, “I am not talking like this to myself anymore.” It changed everything for weight loss.

And now, when I go, I’m going to tell y’all, I wear some of the skimpiest fucking bikinis that are out there, at 48, with all my loose skin. And I do it because I didn’t lose this weight to continue to hide my body. I lost this weight because I wanted to be proud of my body, and the way it looks will never create the pride. To be proud of my body, I have to show up at the pool thinking this, I’m the kind of woman showing all the other women that we wear the bikinis. Like, I’m the kind of woman that will sit at the pool sometimes in her head about how her body looks, but won’t hide it. That creates pride. There are so many ways to get there. It doesn’t mean that I don’t still have sometimes thoughts about my body that are kind of shitty. I just don’t only have those anymore.

I use the shitty thoughts to trigger myself, to love myself harder, to change the conversation in my head in that moment, to stop thinking about what other people think about. The moment I’m thinking about what other people think about me, I know that I am not changing the opinion of the most important opinion in the room, and that is the one of my own. And it is a process. It takes time. I have been at this weight for 15 years now, and I still have a lot of thoughts about my body. But what’s different now is I don’t hate that I have them, I just know that I will, and I always am willing to double down on like, one of these days, you are just going to love yourself so much.I always tell myself this, I can’t wait for the day that I think, you know, it’s been a while since I tore myself apart. I’m just going to choose to believe there will be that day. Otherwise, I’m just going to sit around and be like, “Fuck this, this ain’t working. It’s never going to happen.” That is frustrating for Corinne, and it does not work.

So I just think it’s important for all of you to, no matter what size you are, talking to yourself about your body. The work begins on day one. The work doesn’t begin on day 301, when you’ve lost the weight. Please don’t do that to yourself. Too many people think that losing all their weight is going to fix their self-concept. If you are hard on yourself and all you do is tell yourself you’re not good enough, you will continue to nitpick all the way down. And then when you get there, you will be excited for a little bit, and then you’ll just go back. You’ll do like I did, all of us go through this, wishing you’d never gained weight because like, “Oh, it’s not going to look the way I thought.” It’s like, so what? I tell myself this all the time, so what that you didn’t get the body you wanted? You got so much to be grateful for.

This morning, I was just lifting like a beast, curling twenties with no problem. I was just sitting there thinking, “Hey, I can really tell I’ve been lifting the weights real heavy again. They were getting easier.” I’m like, what woman is just sitting around curling twenties on the third group of exercises? I’m strong as a motherfucker. If I want to go out and run, I can go run three miles if I want to. I can go and walk five or six miles like it’s the back of my hand. Those are things we have to think about.

I prioritize healthy foods. I’m the kind of bitch that goes on vacation and looks to see if there’s a salad because I like pooping regular. These are the things, these are the things that matter, and we have to remind ourself of all this, and it does not matter what size you are. The day you decide to take a little bit better care of yourself, step into your pride immediately, immediately, do not wait.

All right. Let me see if there was any… Hang on. “Is travel bloat a real thing, or am I just fooling myself?” Well, it depends. If you go and eat your fucking face off, yeah, like travel bloat. It’s also called eat your fucking face off bloat. If you go on vacation though, I will tell you, for me, I always have travel bloat. When I go on vacation, I’m pretty good about the food. For me, I like to drink in the summer. That’s going to be the thing I’m going to want to do, so I plan everything around being able to drink. And I try to keep up with eating as healthy as possible. I bring my green drink. This is Athletic Greens. I bring it with me mainly because if Corinne is not going to the bathroom regular, Corinne is a miserable bitch, and I’m not drinking my entire vacation up because I’m bloated and constipated. So that is a trade I make gladly every day.

Plus, I travel so much, it’s just… I have a thought that really helps me about traveling, is there’s not going to be any food that is so special that I have to have it. I always tell myself, if I truly want it and it’s that special, I have permission. But I talk about this concept inside the membership about the VIP zone of my belly has a red velvet rope and only VIPs get in. We ain’t just letting general admission in there. And to me, general admission is like bread baskets, just waiting around food is what I call it. It’s like, hey, we’re going to be a minute before we can get your entrees to you, so what we do is we give you this cheap ass free food free to keep you busy so that you don’t realize how long it’s taking you to get your food.

Everyone, that is why you get bread places. It is a restaurant hack. It is so that you don’t realize like if you’re ordering… Like if you go to steakhouse or places where there’s long cook times, that is why they give you free food in the beginning. It ain’t because it’s high quality. It’s not even worth it. I always tell myself, it’s not worth it, I’m just going to sit here and be impatient. I don’t need bread to make me not bored while I’m at a restaurant.

So I just have certain things, and I have a list of things. If I go to a restaurant, like say I don’t know where we’re going. And they have pork nachos with shredded cheese, worth it food all day. It’s in my top five foods of things I’d eat when I go to heaven. We always play this game with my friends of like, what are the five things that when you go to heaven, if you could only have five foods the rest of your life, what would it be? Pork shredded cheese nachos is seriously on my list. If it’s a top five, if it’s one of those things I know I love, I am very willing to have it and eat till enough, but I’m not going to just go to every restaurant thinking everything is so awesome.

Now, if you’re a foodie and you’re going on a once in a lifetime trip to Italy, fine do that. But most of us are going to Disney or we’re going somewhere we’ve been before. We’re going camping and shit. Not that much of once in a lifetime things happening for us. We want to make sure that we have standards for our belly. Don’t be somebody who has no standards for what goes in your mouth. Just have some, and then enjoy the shit out of those.

Let’s see. But the thing is, when I come back, I’m always dehydrated. Like I am drinking all the water today. So a lot of times when you come back home, you’ll be dehydrated. And when you start drinking your water for a day or two, you’ll swell back up because your body’s like, “Oh, thank god.” It’s like a sponge. It’s sitting there hard and then when you put the water in, it swells up, then it releases it. So there’s that. I don’t weigh for a week because I always know that I’m going to have a few things and I’m just like, I come back home, I get back on my regular schedule, I always have a plan, a re-entry plan when I come home from vacation, and then it takes about a week and then things get back to normal. And that’s how it’s worked for 15 years.

When you fly on airplanes, typically a lot of people will notice that the weight will be up the next day, but just be really honest, be really honest with yourself. Don’t say it’s travel bloat if you fucking ate your entire vacation. Just be honest with yourself and say like, “I gained some weight on this vacation and I want to learn from that. Was it worth this weight gain?” If it was worth the weight gain, fine, you just get back to business. But do an assessment and be like, “Was it worth it? Were there things while I was on vacation that I indulged in that like thinking next time like, eh, I probably could do without that and still have an equally amazing time.”

“Is there ever a time when you’re ready to lose weight, but your mind isn’t?” I think a lot of people. So this is the thing. If you’re ready to lose weight, it doesn’t mean that your mind isn’t ready. It means part of your mind’s not ready, part of it is. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have the desire. The only way to have desire is for there to be thinking that’s creating the desire for something. If you have the desire to lose weight, that means there’s a part of you, probably a good part of you. I think often, the bigger part of us wants to do it and then there’s a smaller part of us that is scared we can’t do it, that is thinking about what a chore it’s going to be.

So often we have done diets in the past. Inside my membership, we’re in the middle of a course right now called Conquering the Scale. I talk a lot about diet trauma. We have been on so many very restrictive diets where they cut out food groups, they have you eating like… Everybody has macronutrients that you need, they’ll cut one out that will literally not be healthy for you. We’ve done shakes, we’ve done pills, we’ve done a host of things that are just asshole, asshole tactics to lose weight. And then a small piece of us remembers that. It remembers losing our hair, it remembers starving and being a bitch, it remembers our family hating it. It remembers all of this trauma that went on around it. So anytime we’re going to start trying to lose weight, it immediately goes to, “Oh, shit! That’s what we’re fixing to do again.”

So one of the things that I teach my clients when they join the membership is we are not doing that anymore, but we have to be compassionate to the part of our brain that’s fearful and scared and you have to remind it, “I’m doing it differently this time. I know you’re scared because in the past we’ve done these things, but this time it’s different, and here’s why… ” And so we walk you through that process inside of No BS.

All right, let’s do this. For all of you, if you will go to Losing 100… Let me get my notes back up. I went to the wrong damn channel. Hang on. Let’s see. I’m trying to find Sarah’s notes. Here we go. All right. If you want to do the Summer Reset Workshop, it is going to be happening on June 4th from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM Central Time for anyone who is a non-member. If you’re a member, we’re going to end at 1:00 o’clock. If you are a non-member, we’re going to end at 2:00 o’clock. We’re going to be doing something a little different with y’all. If you’re a member and you want to stay, you’re welcome to stay, but we’re going to be concluding the part that the members need, because y’all are going to be working throughout the summer on these concepts.

But if you are not a member and you would like to come, you can go to and for $47, you’re going to get access to the live workshop. You’re going to get a printable workbook with all of the worksheets that we will be doing, because we’re going to actually work during that day. We’re not just going to sit there and listen to Corinne rail for hours. You’re going to do work. You’re going to get workshop recordings. They will be yours to keep. And don’t forget, if you’re already a No BS woman, it’s included in your membership.

Some of the things that we’re going to discuss, how to set a doable, but not defeating summer weight loss goal. Because very often we go into the summer wanting to lose 30 pounds and then that’s going to require a lot of living that we’re like, “Oh my gosh, I didn’t even think about what it would require to lose 30 pounds. Like I want to be able to do these things too.” So we’re going to set goals that match the type of summer that you want to enjoy, not have, but the kind you want to enjoy. And we’re also going to craft that ideal, but not a perfect day. I’m going to teach you how to start thinking about, all right, there are different seasons of my life and we need to make sure that we’re prepared for those and we think about those ahead of time.

We’re also going to do how to have a good time at parties without stuffing your face. We’re going to talk about how do you live the version of you who wants to lose weight, not how do I live like the person who’s terrified she can’t. There is a difference when we’re talking about the summer. One version is thinking about where they’re going, the other person is thinking about everything that can go wrong, and what has gone wrong in the past. That person is riding high on anxiety and wonders why about three weeks in the summer, they quit trying to lose weight and say, “Fuck it, I’ll start in the fall. It’ll be easier.” We’re not doing that this summer. We’re going to be living with the version we want to be. We’re going to be thinking about the small things that we need to do. We’re going to be thinking about how do we lose weight living a life we enjoy. We’re just going to think about things so much differently. And then how to keep going after the workshop.

So we’re going to do all of that stuff during the workshop and more. So I’m going to help you create those protocols for vacations, for when the grand babies are visiting, for when your kids are out of school, all the things. And don’t forget, if you are a member, everything is included. So you don’t have to worry about it. June 4th, 9:00 AM-2:00 PM Central Time, 47 bucks. Come on. Don’t delay.

All right, everybody, we got to get out of here. I will see you next month. Enjoy yourself and take care of yourself too. Bye, y’all.

Thank you so much for listening today. Make sure you head on over to nobsfree and sign up for my free weight loss training on what you need to know to start losing your weight right now. You’ll also find lots of notes and resources from our past podcast, help you lose your weight without all bullshit diet advice. I’ll see you next week.

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