Going on vacation eating what you love without going all fuck-it mode.

No more eating candy and chips simply because you're in "road trip" mode.

Having a rock solid weightloss routine that is adaptable enough to travel, have those grandkids visiting for a week, or deal with working while your kids are out for the summer.

Rocking pool parties with your attitude instead of a margarita because you're ashamed of your body. 

And, being able to go out for last minute invites knowing how to eat without feeling deprived.

Join me if you’re ready to LOSE WEIGHT without giving up your favorite summer foods & activities.


Virtual Workshop
Saturday, June 3, 2023
9am-2pm CT

1/2 Day Virtual Workshop

You'll spend the day with me resetting your summer goals, plans and routines. By the time we end you'll know exactly what to do to lose weight and have a summer free of regrets, fuck-it eats, and worrying you can't lose weight.

This ain’t a boring ass Zoom call! Think Oprah meets TedX. You’ll get access to a live stream of me teaching my face off, No BS Coaches in the chat to answer your questions

And it’s all only $19!!!

Printable Workshop Notes and Planning Worksheets

The printable Summer Reset Guide includes:

  • Detailed notes and key points of all the knowledge bombs that’ll be dropped. (Perfect for my highlighting and reading learners.)
  • Planning sheets so you leave the workshop knowing exactly what to do this summer to lose weight.
  • Journaling prompts and key questions to ask yourself so you uncover any self-sabotage lurking under the surface.

And we will do all of this work TOGETHER. You’ll be DONE with the planning and READY to act all summer long.

On-Demand Replays

Can’t make it live or attend all day? No problem! You’ll get access to the workshop recordings within 48 hours. They’re yours to keep and rewatch as much as you want.

Presented by

Losing 100 Pounds Podcast Host

Corinne Crabtree


When the seasons change we must reset and change with them. Old dieting techniques don’t adapt with life. They use a one-size-fits-all approach that’s outdated and has been proven time and time again to NOT WORK.

Summertime ushers in travel, pool time, spontaneous outings and relaxing weekends. You need a plan that makes all of this POSSIBLE.

Fun and weightloss can and should go together like sunscreen and your face. No more diets that prevent you from eating foods you love, require knowing points and calories, and have you sitting around feeling deprived or face down in all the food.

It’s time to lose weight the way you want to live your life. And this workshop will show you how to do it for just $19.

What You'll Learn at
The Summer Reset Workshop

Set Doable (but not Defeating) Weightloss Goals

You'll learn how to set a weightloss goal that takes into account how you want to spend your summer. Too often we set goals without thinking them through. My process will help you consider everything you need to lose weight that ain't coming back.

Craft an Ideal (Not Perfect) Day

No more trying to force an old routine into a new season of life. Learn my method for crafting Ideal Days that work with your life (even when the shit hits the fan).

Have a Good Time (Without Stuffing Your Face)

Good food and good times go together DESPITE what the diet industry teaches. You'll learn my unique approach to planning ahead for vacations, spontaneous outings and weekends of summer fun. You'll know what to eat and what is a no (and you'll not feel deprived or restricted).

Live Like ‘Goal’ You

There's a version of you who's lost the weight. She didn't get there by accident or through suffering. She got there because you learned to make small changes in how you eat and think that led to a changed life. Learn how to live like goal you (even when you don't believe you can lose weight).

So, join me for the Summer Reset on June 3, 2023.

It'll be a day where you'll think "that's the day everything changed."


In the comfort of your own home or wherever you want to attend. This is a virtual workshop but it ain’t boring! I bring the heat, the music, and keep you working the whole time.

People have asked to work with me for years and the only way to do it is to join my No BS Weightloss Membership. This is a new workshop that the public can attend for only $19. You'll spend a half day with me and my No BS members (workshop is free for my No BS members) planning a summer where you can eat foods you love while also losing the weight you dream about.

I’m not sure. But, if you can’t attend you can still register - You’ll get the workshop recordings within 2 days after the workshop and you can watch them anytime. They are yours to keep. I do encourage you to attend live if possible, there will be a chance to win prizes for anyone who attends live.

We will use the Zoom app. You can dowload it for free here. No one will be able to see or hear you during the workshop so wear your jammies if you wish!

Yes. You’ll learn how to quit eating like an asshole, how to plan like a boss, and how to quit using excuses. I’ve helped women who have had diabetes, are perimenopausal, in menopause, have Hashimoto's or hypothyroidism lose weight. What I teach is all about your mindset and how you deal with your emotions.

If you want to feel in control of food instead of food controlling you all summer...yes. You will benefit. We’re working on having a summer where you don’t feel pressure and stress to diet. You’ll learn how to eat like a normal person; not like someone reliving Jesus’ last supper during every vacation, BBQ or picnic.

Email us your question by clicking the blue question mark at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

You can also always contact us at Make sure to mention that your question is about the ‘Summer Reset Workshop.”

"I wanted to lose 1 lb a week starting from Summer Reset, so my goal was:
Sat, July 2: -4 lb total
Sat. July 30: -8 lb total
Sat, August 27: -12 lb total
And here was my Summer Reset data:
July 2: -4.6 lb total
July 30: -8.6 lb total (Corinne's birthday month 😃)
August 27: -12 lb total
This is huge for me, someone who HAS been a perfectionist and who would set gigantic goals and give up at the first sign of not hitting it."
Screenshot 2023-05-15 140351

- Winter

"Summer reset was AMAZING!
I realized how many things I have started doing this year that I never thought I could or would do
Ditched tracking calories on MyFitnessPal, have lost 31 pounds,
workout 5 days a week, and worked on not choosing food to deal with emotions."


- April

"Corinne’s workshop taught me that losing weight doesn't need to be hard. I focused on small goals like drinking more water throughout my day and planning out my meals so that I wasn't tempted to just eat out. After attending one workshop I lost 25 pounds in five months and have a happier, healthier lifestyle that I love."


- Madison

"At the new year workshop Corinne had for No BS Members, I decided to get my ass off the slow, no real action bus and take responsibility for my weightloss. The first month I was down 7 pounds!"


- Janelle

"Loved the goal setting workshop Corinne did for members back in January! I learned so much that I have gone back through and redone the workbook twice. Looking forward to the next workshop in June so I can continue being successful this summer!"


- Amy

“The workshop I attended was engaging from the start! I learned to set realistic goals and afterward I was able to listen better to my body when I’m full and to be okay with leaving food on the plate.”


- Valarie