Episode 188: Weightloss Q&A

This week's podcast is me ranting and teaching on how to quit making weightloss so hard.

I don't often share what goes on inside my No BS Membership but this week you get lucky. Grab pen and paper and take notes girl.

“Is it OK to eat your leftovers from a meal if you get hungry later in the day?”

I'll talk to you about how to quit making it so damn hard to make a food decision.

“Should I journal my shitty thoughts or just write positive stuff so I don't feel bad?”

The answer will help you re-train your brain to think like you want.

“I felt shitty all day. How do I fix that?”

You'll learn how long a feeling typically lasts and why it might keep coming back.

“What do I do when eating in my car is fun? I don't know what to tell myself to break this habit.”

I used to be a car eater, too. McDonald's was the siren in the night calling my name. I got advice for this one.

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