Episode 170. Am I Stalled Or Am I Fooling Myself? [VIDEO]

You are going to have a weightloss plateau.

Every single woman at some point will hop on the scale, expect greatness, and then be all…

F-this scale! I'm doing all the things and nothing matters.

Today's podcast will help you know what to do when you feel stalled in weightloss.

From no more blaming bullshit for your stall to the actual ways to adjust your eating, this is the ULTIMATE weightloss stall podcast.

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  1. Vickie on July 21, 2020 at 9:45 AM

    Wow! Real Life! Right😃 I loved the realness Corinne and Kathy😍 Learned me some good stuff😉👍🏼
    One suggestion.. Kathy it would be much easier to hear you if you were Mic’d like Corinne! Struggle to hear you in the podcast/videos!!!
    Thanks Y’all.. Blessings ~ Vickie🌸


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