May 15, 2020

Episode 161: What if you knew you’d lose weight?

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There’s only ONE sandwich in the world that will HALT your weightloss.

It’s the “What If Sandwich.”

What if I don’t lose weight this week? What if I never lose weight? What if I end up not finding my soul mate because I don’t lose weight? What if I die alone?

That’s a “What If Sandwich” and it sucks the life right out of you losing weight.

“What If Sandwiches” take a couple of questions you have and sandwich a ton of fear, anxiety and worst case scenario bullshit in between.

Yep. You aren’t going to lose weight going to town daily on a “What If Sandwich” buffet.

Today’s podcast is all about how to break out of the cycle of what if’s when they start. Click here to listen now.



Show Notes:

Current members are going through a self-sabotage course in May. For the first time ever, Corinne is going to hold a public workshop on self-sabotage. 

Today we’re talking about what Corinne calls the “what-if sandwich.”

A what-if sandwich is: What if my husband decides he won’t love me anymore if I lose weight? What if I get a divorce? What if I gain back all of my weight because of the divorce?

Kathy’s what-if sandwich goes something like this: What if I gain my weight back? Will I lose my job? What if I’m not an example anymore? What if Corinne kicks me off of the podcast?

She has to slow herself down and ask herself how likely she is to gain her weight back and what does she have control over.

Sometimes you have to go through the worst-case scenarios on paper. It’s normal for your brain to spiral to the worst and not automatically go to rainbows and unicorns. Our brains have been wired like that since the beginning of time to keep us safe, but in 2020 we’re rarely in the danger that we once were in primitive times.

It’s helpful to understand that the brain will automatically go to the negative, but you can change the direction that it is going in. It’s always about our anxieties and fears of the future. We’re always just searching for certainty.

Anxiety was never a big issue for Corinne until recently. She realized she was having a bit of fear of the future due to everything surrounding Covid. She’s had to write down answers to her what-if questions on paper.

Your brain is like a social algorithm. Just like social media, your brain figures out what you like and puts it in your feed. If you’re having a “bad” day, your brain will automatically start looking for everything that is going wrong in the day and feed on to the “bad.”

You can’t do amazing shit while thinking horrific shit. Notice what sort of questions your brain is asking and answer them. You can be the victim of your story or you can be the hero of your story.

People ask Corinne all the time how to get motivated. Motivated and excited are different emotions. Motivated means you’ll do it even without being excited about it.

Corinne likes to tell herself the hero story. When she worries about regaining weight, she reminds herself that who better to lose weight than someone like her that knows how to do it. The reminder that she knows how to lose weight, brings her some peace and confidence.

If you catch yourself asking “what if I gain weight this week?” You need to stop and answer the question on paper, otherwise, the brain will start spiraling downwards in its own negativity.

On Friday, when you weigh-in, you can refer to the answers you already wrote down, so that you can tell your brain the direction you want it to go.

Eventually, you’ll be able to start collecting new what-if’s.  Instead of thinking, “what if I gain weight this week,” you’ll start thinking, “what if I give it my all this week.”

Your brain craves certainty and if you don’t give it something to be certain about, it will rely on the old feelings of fear and doubt. Corinne makes a food plan every day so that her brain can be certain about what she’s going to eat that day.

In the workshop, Corinne’s going to teach attendees how to show up every day and how to plan realistically. She will show you how to do something each day that will make you proud of how you showed up for yourself.

If you have a topic you’d like Corinne and Kathy to talk about on the podcast, please email it to

Membership will open again on June 17th. Are you ready to become a No B.S. Woman?!?!



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