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Episode 158. Setting A May 31st. Goal [VIDEO]

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One reason I lost 100lbs is because I didn’t set a goal weight.

I got focused on the goal PERSON instead of the goal WEIGHT.

Let me ask you this.

Do you want to weigh 150lbs like I do?

Or, do you want to wake up each day happy? Confident? Comfortable around food? Living your life instead of just getting by?

I decided to start working on who I wanted to be. I started self-improving by focusing on doing things that felt good, right, and doable.

I stopped self-fixing by picking numbers and doing anything I could to lose weight, disregarding if I even liked doing them or wanted to do them.

Right now it’s important to ask yourself, “Who do I want to be by May 31st” versus “What do I want to weigh by May 31st.”

In today’s podcast, I’ll help you think about who you will be by May 31st.

Now more than ever you need a new way of looking at weightloss. No more hard dieting and miserable tactics at any cost.

Click here to listen, learn, and get motivated to change your life.




Podcast 158. Setting A May 31st Goal

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Corinne wants to teach you how to achieve big things by Memorial Day. A lot of people are sitting around eating, drinking, and watching TV and putting off setting goals till later. 

Her members have been working very closely with Corinne in the month of April. She’s given them an inside of view of how she’s dealing with quarantine and still moving forward with her life.

People are blaming Covid for not take action right now. Before Covid, the excuse was work or their kids. There will always be excuses. Challenge yourself to use this time to learn how to solve problems and deal with difficult times. 

Eating over your problems will not solve them. Telling yourself you can’t handle things is a lie that won’t take you anywhere. If you’re not going to change what is going on, at least change the sad, tired story you are telling yourself about it.

Quit telling yourself that you’ll set goals when things get back to normal. Most people were overeating when things were “normal.”  What makes after Covid any different? 

What would you like to accomplish by Memorial Day? Corinne would like to read 10 books. That’s Kathy’s goal for the year 🙂

In order to make weightloss simple, take Corinne’s free course www.pnp411.com. Each morning, write down what you’re going to eat for the day. If you’re not hungry, don’t eat. When you’ve had just enough food, stop eating. Keep it simple. 

Corinne has been teaching her members the Four C’s:

1. Gain Control of your day. Stop worrying about what you don’t have control over and start focusing on what you do have control over. For most people, they can control what goes in their mouth and what goes out of it.

2. Conditioning your body. How are you moving today? It doesn’t have to be some tough bootcamp workout, but you should be purposefully moving your body each day. You can do some yoga or stretching or going for a walk.  Also make sure you’re getting sleep and drinking your water.

3. Connection. Who are you going to reach out to today? Just because we’re physical distancing, doesn’t mean that you can’t be social. Text someone, call a friend, Marco Polo your accountability group. At least 5,000 of Corinne’s members use Marco Polo.

4. Clean Body/Clean Mind. After years of dealing with depression, Corinne knows how important it is for her mentally to shower every day. You don’t have to feel amazing, but sometimes a shower will help you to feel a little bit better. Depression has had a harder time setting in if she’s actively taking care of herself. She almost always listens to some type of personal development or uplifting music while showering.

By Memorial Day, Corinne wants to have read 10 books. She wants to be ready to embrace summer (she’s eaten healthy and moved every day). She wants to go on long walks and listen to books and fill her head with valuable information. 

We are in a day and age where if you want to learn a new skillset, it’s probably free on the internet. Go to YouTube and do a search and you’ll probably find a video that will teach you whatever you want to learn. 

Kathy would like to read two books and learn how to knit by Memorial Day. She’s going to put her brain to work on some other things she’d like to do. 

Corinne said that her family has made such good use out of their quarantine time. Logan has been learning to do perspective drawings and has strengthened his coding skills. Corinne and Chris have been taking good care of themselves and focusing on who they want to be.

Stop today and think about what you’d like to accomplish between now and Memorial Day. It doesn’t have to be a weight goal. Maybe it has to do with food prepping or trying new recipes. What new habits can you create? What can you accomplish? 

Membership will open again in June. This is your opportunity to join with a couple of wins under your belt already!

If you have a topic you’d like Corinne and Kathy to talk about on the podcast, please email them at support@pnptribe.com




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