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Episode 157. Why You Want To Eat at 8pm [VIDEO]

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Do you do good all day only to be blowing it every night at 8pm?

My clients call this the “Witching Hour”.

Today’s podcast dives deep into the MOST common reasons you find yourself eating on the couch, again, even though you know better.

Here’s a hint...it has a lot to do with what you think about all day. Learn this and you could see a huge drop in night time eating.

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Podcast 157. Why You Want To Eat at 8pm

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Ever since the Coronavirus hit, there is more uncertainty around us and people seem to do well during the day, but fall apart in the evening.

In the membership, that evening time when people want to start snacking is called the witching hour.

Most people are go, go, go all day long and then in the evening they sit down and slow down and their brains start going and food starts seeming really tempting.

For most people, there isn’t a deep reason that they have eating issues. They just need to learn some new habits and work on their mindset.

For a lot of women, being quarantined at home has them rushing around all day. They are trying to do their job and watch kids and coordinate online classes and still do housework. Most women aren’t super excited about doing all of these things all day long. They are thinking, “I have to do this, people are relying on me, everything is on me.”

If all day long you are busy and feel like you have to do all of it, in the evenings, when the responsibilities are done for the day and you’re sitting on the couch, you’ll probably start eating in order to not start thinking about the have-to’s for the next day.

If you do not have a good relationship with yourself and all day long you are judging yourself, at night when it gets quiet, your brain lights up with all the judgment and it will tear you down.

Food only solves hunger. It does not solve the relationship you have with yourself. At 8pm at night, every time you eat, you are agreeing with the B.S. conversations you’re having in your head about yourself.

Right now on Facebook and Instagram, Corinne is posting about the things we need to be aware of and how we need to be showing up for ourselves.

When this pandemic is over, there will likely be a lot of alcoholics that come out of this. People are sitting at home and do not know how to be alone or how to not be entertained. There will also be a large group suffering from health problems from eating through the pandemic.

Corinne is teaching her members that if they are eating at 8pm at night, there is something wrong with their mindset during the day.

During the day, when you are homeschooling, don’t tell yourself “I have to do this.”  It feels burdensome. Instead keep it simple and tell yourself “I’m educating my child.” That takes the temperature down on how you describe your life.

You have to monitor the conversations you’re having with yourself all day long about what you’re doing. If you’re eating at night, it’s probably because of the conversations that you’re having during the day with yourself. You need to describe your life in a way that doesn’t make you feel like you need a Twinkie at night to get through it.

Take a moment and write down what you think about yourself. If you read it and it’s not something you’d want to show to other people, you have work to do. You need to go to work every single day on saying nicer things to yourself and noticing when you’re throwing your own self under the bus.

Yes, it might be hard at first to say nice things to yourself and to change that conversation in your head, but it has a positive pay-off in the end.

A lot of Corinne’s members are business owners and are scared right now. Many of them, including Corinne, get trapped on the “it’s all on me” mindset. When it comes down to it, there are ways that you can get help and it isn’t all on you. Corinne makes lists of things that other people can help with that aren’t on her and she makes lists of things that she’s good at so that she can be thankful that she’s the one handling those things because they are in good hands.

It is hard to sit with yourself at 8pm if you haven’t managed your mind all day long. If you want to change your eating at 8pm at night, the work starts at 8am in the morning. 8pm is not when you do the work. First thing in the morning, you have to decide what you think about yourself for the day. You have to get out the paper and write it down.

If you are a “have-to” girl, you need to get out the piece of paper and write down why you choose to do those things during the day. There’s no one with a gun to your head making you do those things. You make choices. Telling yourself you have-to feels like shit.

Whatever you wake up thinking everyday is what’s going to run in your head all day long, unless you intentionally take the time to think something different. Your thoughts are a choice, choose good ones.

For those thinking that it’s all on them, remember that other people are helping, you’re just not acknowledging it. It’s easy to fall into the martyr syndrome and once you really look around, you see that others are doing the best they can to help out.

Until we are showing up as the best versions of ourselves, it’s unreasonable to ask everyone to show up as the best version that you expect of them.

Maybe stop and think about how your loved ones would love for you to show up. Seeing that list might make you understand that we all have expectations of how we want other people showing up around us. Unless you’re willing to be the perfect best version all the time, don’t expect other people to do that.

If you can work on your mindset during the day and give yourself some relief through the day, you aren’t always going to turn to food for relief at night. Your brain may still want a snack at night, the urges will still be there, but you won’t be so mentally worn out that you can’t say no.

When that need to snack shows up at 8pm, start looking at where you need to do more mental work during the day.

You should be able to sit and relax at night without food. Once you can do that, you can relax every time you weigh in, when you put your clothes on, when you look in a mirror, and may other times that you get amped up over.

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