December 6, 2019

Episode 139: The One Sentence That Is Stopping Your Weight Loss

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The One Thing Really Stalling Your Weightloss

There’s one thing stopping you from losing your weight.

It’s not your social schedule. It’s not your job. It’s not even the food you eat at 10 pm when everyone else is sleeping.

Wanna know what it is? It’s a sentence. 

A simple sentence like “F-it…I can’t lose weight.” There’s not actually just one sentence.  We all have sentences that are stopping our weightloss.

The moment you think “I can’t” is the moment you have to STOP what you’re doing and understand what’s really going on. There’s not actually just one sentence. 

I want to help you find what’s REALLY standing in your way. The sentence you need to pay attention to usually starts with “I CAN’T” and ends with something you have decided you can’t do for one reason or another.

This one thing…finding this sentence can be EVERYTHING to your weight loss.

In this week’s podcast I help you find the sentence you’re using, figure out why you keep going back to believing it and understand why that sentence doesn’t work for you anymore. Ready to kick the weight loss up a notch? You can also sign up for my free video course, Losing for Life!

Figure Out Whats Stopping Your Weightloss

Make a list of all the reasons “I can’t” lose weight.  There might be a lot of bullshit sentences that come out.  All of the “I can’t’s” lead to the ultimate reason why you can’t lose weight. “I can’t lose weight without cutting calories.” “I can’t lose weight without a detox or cleanse.”

The problem with the “I can’t’s” is that we really believe them and think they’re true.  We think they’re true because at some point for a super brief period of time, they might have been true and now we put our future beliefs on it.  It’s hard to let go of whether it worked at one point.

When you have your list, tell yourself “this is just a list, it is not actual reasons.”

You cannot judge yourself for having “I can’t’s”.  This is what I’m thinking.  I’m glad that I know because now I can question it, hear it, know that it’s true and what I had been believing.

Awareness is knowing what you’re thinking in order to decide if you want to keep thinking it. The only reason you’d be afraid to know your “I can’t’s” is because you’d automatically judge yourself. Is it the truth? Be aware of what you’ve been thinking for a long time. 

Question Your Thoughts About Weightloss

Then question it. I don’t want to live without sugar is different than I can’t live without sugar.  If I’m going to have it, I’m going to plan it in a way that’s not overeating or self-loathing. Do you want it in your life?  How do you want it in your life?  Are you going to willingly work towards having it in your life? Once you question your thoughts, look at them and see if you’re willing to stop telling yourself that.

Are you willing to question what you’re telling yourself about why you can’t lose weight, you probably won’t be able to lose weight. If you’re not willing to question what you’re telling yourself about why you can’t lose weight, you probably won’t be able to lose weight.

Look at what you tell yourself over and over again.  If you don’t question yourself, you’ll stay in the same rut. Be aware of when you’re letting old diet mentality creep back in.  Old diet mentality can be viewed as old programming.

For years, I always went back to Weight Watchers.  Kathy joined multiple times as well. I had a story for years that I couldn’t lose weight if I didn’t count points, went to a meeting, or had someone weigh me in. I still sometimes had bad thoughts about my body and reminds myself that it’s old programming.

Take a look at your “I can’t’s” and ask yourself “why do I even think this got started?”  I went to my first Weight Watchers meeting at 11 or 12, so in my mind, Weight Watchers worked.

I learned that the way to lose weight was to suffer, you couldn’t eat what you wanted, to be hungry all the time, and couldn’t listen to your body. I learned that if you were hungry, it didn’t matter and to gorge and spend a week working it off. I didn’t learn to lose weight in a way that felt good.

The most common “I can’t’s” is “I can’t lose weight and enjoy it.”  Believe it or not, you can enjoy the process and you can enjoy what you’re eating.  That’s what is taught in the No BS Weightloss Program.

Believe You CAN Lose Weight

As I was losing weight, I was falling in love with the person I was becoming.  I did what I said I would do.  I tried new things. I was a mom that made healthy dinners.  I had to learn to become that person. 

Weight Watchers and traditional diets don’t teach that, which is why I include it in my program.

I had to understand the “I can’t’s” and question them.  What I was believing wasn’t getting me where I wanted to go.  They’d still creep in and I had to remind myself that they didn’t work otherwise I wouldn’t be where I was then (trying to lose weight).  That’s when things started changing for me.

If it was just a matter of only eating so many calories or “these” food groups, there would be no need for this podcast because no one would have a weight problem.

Those “I can’t’s” are what keep you from losing weight.

I went through a ton of “I can’t’s” and questioned them and came out on the other side.  I lived it and dug deep. Kathy still has “I can’t’s” that still pop up for her that she continues to work on.

I still have to work on some “I can’t’s” that come up around me figure competition days. I was really lean but was miserable, and it’s not the life I want to live. I fill my newsfeed now with people that have some curves.  I worked really hard on liking my body. I like where I’m at now after years of not liking my body.

I had the thought “I’ll never have the body I want.”  After questioning it, I realized that might be something I keep thinking that doesn’t feel good and isn’t useful.  Instead, I’m working on “the goal isn’t to have the body I want, but to love the body I have.”  I’ve been working hard on that.  Recently, I’ve been doing things that someone who loves their body would do.  At the most recent PNP event, there were tons of pictures taken. 

Normally I would look through them and judge myself before sending them out to the weightloss members, but this time I just sent them.  I’m determined to be someone that “loves me.” 

No more “I can’t love myself unless I weigh this much” “I can’t be happy unless I’m this size.”  Those will hold you back.  Question them.


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