Episode 122: No More Failing at Weight Loss

One of my favorite quotes goes something like this.

The faster you fail, the faster you see success.

Failing is required so it’s obviously not a problem.

Thinking YOU are a failure is the problem and is one of the FASTEST ways to SLOW down weightloss.

I want you to listen to me.

Not one single woman of the 1000’s who I’ve helped lose her weight said…

“You know, I did it all perfect. No problems.”


They all made a lot of mistakes.

THIS TIME they figured out how to quit bitching and moaning about their brokenness and got busy figuring out what to do next.

If your plan for mistakes has step one being beat the shit out of myself then you are doing it wrong.

In today’s podcast, I teach why we talk shit to ourselves and what to do about it.

If you are ready to lose weight then you have to be ready to roll with the mistakes.

Listen up by clicking here. You’re welcome.


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