Ep 9: How to Make Diet Mistakes Like a Boss

In this episode we talk about why we make diet mistakes and how it totally derails us.

The key is that mistakes are going to happen.


The problem isn’t making the mistake. The problem is the shame train you decide ride AFTER you make one.


We will help you think totally different about the next time you overeat and what to do about it in a way that you CAN LOSE WEIGHT.

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  1. Janelle on February 8, 2019 at 3:07 AM

    Girrrrrllll…..I have been following you and your podcasts for exactly 4 days, and I am inspired as all get-out. You see, up until now, I have been (according to everyone who knows and loves me) on the “non-plan plan.” So can you even imagine what a real PLAN is going to do for my weight loss and health journey?! I’m a creative, off-the-wall, writer soul who just so happens to have gotten lost in the world of hateful bad nutrition, and I’m determined to find my way back. You are truly an inspiration…thank you for the message you are sharing and the positive energy you are sending to everyone who needs to hear your words! I simply can’t get enough of your positive energy and your energetic vibes that are helping me turn my life in a positive direction. THANK YOU!


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