Ep.88: How to set realistic weightloss goals

Are you confused on how to set a realistic weightloss goal?

It’s a question I get often in my weekly Facebook Live.

When I was losing 100lbs., I didn’t really know how much was “good” to lose each week. And, I’d sit around feeling frustrated because 100lbs. was SO MUCH.

My problem was I was caught up in thinking about the wrong things.

I put all of my attention on what I dreaded, how long it would take, and then wondered why I didn’t feel MOTIVATED!

I was making losing weight a big ass, long ordeal before I even really got going.

Feeling motivated to lose weight is going to take you knowing your goal and then being focused each day on what you are doing to get there.

You don’t have time or emotional energy to waste on scaring the shit out of yourself about the length of time it will take to lose weight.

Today’s podcast I walk you through how to set a realistic weightloss goal that allows you to set it and then get busy doing the work.

I have a technique that helps you get out of your worries and into doing what it takes to lose weight.

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