September 22, 2017

Ep. 24: The KEY to Weightloss

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I got this amazing message in an email from Seth Goden. If you want some inspirational and thought provoking stuff check him out!

Don’t forget the second step.

The first step is learning how to do it.

Finding and obtaining the insight and the tools and the techniques you need.

Understanding how it works.

But step two is easily overlooked.

Step two is turning it into a habit.

Committing to the practice.

Showing up and doing it again and again until you’re good at it, and until it’s part of who you are and what you do.

Most education, most hardware stores, most technology purchases, most doctor visits, most textbooks are about the first step. What a shame that we don’t invest just a little more to turn the work into a habit.

In today’s podcast we go deep talking about the difference between step one, consuming information, and step two, taking action.

We also talk about what happens when you practice your new tools again and again and again.

You make mistakes! Mistakes are essential to finding your way. Without making mistakes, you don’t open your mind to finding the answers and to figuring things out.

Listen in iTunes by clicking here.

If you are an Android user I recommend downloading Castbox and searching for Losing 100lbs with Phit-N-Phat.

Ready to lose weight for the last damn time?

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Corinne Crabtree, top-rated podcaster, has helped millions of women lose weight by blending common-sense methods with behavior-based psychology.

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