Ep. 86: All the Reasons People Offer You Food

Why is it when you are trying to lose weight ALL THE FOOD is everywhere?

I remember when I was losing 100lbs., it was as if everyone and their momma, including my own momma, was like…

“Come on! Live a little. I made this special for you.”

The endless line of “food pushers” made losing weight seem so much harder. I would feel like no one was supporting me, think F-IT, and eat my face off.

This time of year is especially hard, right? All the holiday dinners are coming at us like a freight train.

Back in Episode 34 of the podcast I taught you all about handling holiday food pushers.

That was HOW to do it.

But you know what always bugged me? WHY were they doing it in the first place?

I used to think it was just them being an asshole or insensitive UNTIL I learned a new way to think.

And this has been the GAME CHANGER for me.

People will ALWAYS offer you food. There’s no escaping that so I knew there had to be a way to make this easier and I figured it out.

Figuring out the WHY allowed me to feel IN CONTROL rather than unsupported about my food choices.

Today’s podcast is all about why people offer food. It might just be the secret to saying no to that extra serving of homemade dressing and feeling good about it.

Trust me. It’s helped me keep off 100lbs., so I know it can you help you lose your weight.


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