Ep. 66 We Answer the BURNING Questions

Our Losing 100 Pounds With Phit-N-Phat podcast has a Facebook group and I asked them what would you love to know.

We hit all kinds of topics.

I dive into the top three things my Tribe members ask me: Why do I have food urges, how diet mistakes are just a part of LOSING weight, and why relationships either support our weightloss or trigger us to eat.

I also go into another popular topic: What do you do when you have a sudden, BIG weight gain?

Most people will tell you what to NOT eat or some hack. Not me. I'm giving you the NUMBER ONE THING you must get straight if you don't want to keep gaining weight week after week. A gain can often send us off the rails for weeks turning a few pounds into 20.

If you don't want to keep gaining weight you must listen.

A few more questions get answered that will help you save money and lose weight.

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