Ep. 48 How I Get Stuff Done

I used to be the Queen of busy. Not anymore.

Partly because I live by this quote…

You always have time for the things you put FIRST.

Prioritizing and being WILLING to say this is important is a KEY SKILL in weightloss and life.

They require you to be willing to say no. Often you are going to tell people no and give them the gift of…

Knowing the honest version of you. The one who doesn't say yes and not mean it.

Allow them to develop the skill of figuring something out.

I used to just run around doing so many things with nothing left in the tank at the end day wondering what the world would throw at me tomorrow. Now I just get productive and plan what I will accomplish the next day.

I get up every day and journal first thing. I clean out my brain and put my thoughts where they belong.

I exercise. Knocking out my movement early isn't easy but it's WAY better than dreading it all day.

Coffee and water are a must. Y'all know I love my coffee!

Take my kid to school and hit a podcast on the way home. The self-development is always in the background of my life.

Then I shower and DRESS for the day. I work from home but dress like I own the place.

Before bed I have a clear calendar for the next day. I know what and when I will do things. I know what I will eat.

My days are not so busy anymore. They are productive, well thought out, and accomplished.

I've traded in my old busy lifestyle for flow.

This podcast goes into more detail!

Enjoy Episode 48 by clicking here! www.phit.click/podcast.


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  1. Valencia on August 23, 2018 at 10:21 PM

    I just found you today via a Hurdle post on IG. Wow! You’ve stirred up so much in me. I’ve been feeling like I’m going backwards even though I desperately want to move forward. I started planning tonight and I’m ready to log my wins.


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