January 26, 2018

Ep: 42 How to Do a Monthly Assessment

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An important tool to do each month if you want to lose all of your weight for good is a Monthly Assessment.


It allows you to look at what you did from the past month and decide what worked and what didn’t to lose weight.

So many of us evaluate ourselves based on what we remember and how we feel.

I’m just saying, my memory sucks! I can barely remember what I did last night much less what I ate and didn’t eat for like 30 days!

Our brains in this Facebook day and age are WIRED for the highlight reels. You will remember every day losing weight felt hard, each workout you struggled to show up, and all those trips to the bathroom once you finally listened to me that water is a must.

What our brains DON’T remember are the tiny, whisper like moments where you grabbed a few pieces of candy feeling tired because you had to stay at the office an extra 30 minutes. Lord, knows you would’ve have died waiting to eat another half hour.

Or, how about the time you blew off that Saturday morning workout because you had a long week, drank an extra glass of wine with Friday night dinner, and just needed to be normal and sleep in like all your friends do.

Yep. Those moments add up and our brain is like that shit doesn’t count! It’s the other times we ate carrot sticks or skipped unplanned office party cake that stand out triumphantly!

This brings me to point two: you FEEL like you SHOULD be doing better. Those carrot sticks? You are suffering and damn it; the scale should be moving at the speed of the Starship Enterprise under Captain Kirk’s command.

All of us waste so much of our potential measuring ourselves on half the data and how we “think” we should be doing. The size of your pants remembers EVERYTHING you do and your ass doesn’t give a damn how you FEEL or what you think about your actions.

You know what that ass and pants size likes? Data. Boring old data like food journals and every bit of food you eat written down. Yep. You aren’t going to escape needing to track what you eat. All of it.

I know. You won’t want to keep it. You will say it’s too time consuming, it’s too hard, it’s going to show me what a terrible and broken person I am…yada yada yada.

Let’s get real for a moment.

Are you content where you are or not?

If the answer is no then be willing to collect data like I collect lip glosses. At the end of the month set the scared ass version of you aside who just keeps fertilizing the thighs.

In today’s podcast you will know the data you need each day so that you can do a true monthly assessment for weightloss.

We also will teach how to review these juicy details at the end of the month.

And, in case you are Judge Judy, we tell you how to cut the shit and move out of self-judgement and shame.

The basics you need each month:

A food journal with what you eat.

Notes on how you felt after you are done eating.

Where you hungry when you ate and did you stop before you were full?

Are you having food reactions like gas, acne, dry skin, bloating, or sluggishness?

Are you losing WEIGHT?????

You take all this and then do a Keep, Start, Stop.

Monthly assessments are a great way to make sure you lose weight month to month, avoid those plateaus, and learn EXACTLY what you need to do so that weight never comes back.

Resources mentioned in this podcast:

Mentioned in podcast:
The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson
Articles/Books by Dr. Mark Hyman
Blog on Planning – https://www.nobsweightloss.com/planner/

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