Ep.125: How To Solve Weight Loss Problems

I used to do diet after diet only to quit after a few weeks.

To lose 100lbs., I knew one thing had to change.

What I would think the moment I screwed up.

Most of my diets failed not because I overate. Here’s how I know.

I lost 100lbs., overeating.

I’ve kept off 100lbs., still overeating.

My clients are always like, “What the hell? You still screw up? I really thought one day I would arrive and never have to worry with this again.”

Well, that’s the difference between me and you.

I don’t “worry” with it.

I overeat.

I write it down.

I stay honest and don’t beat myself up.

I look for the lesson.

I tweak, think, and visualize what I could do next time.

I keep going.

Eventually, I solve a small thing to reduce how often it occurs.

I make progress.

I don’t focus on perfection.

Progress not perfection is the name of the game.

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