Ep.120: Reflecting on the Past Year

I cried, alot.

I’m officially 45 years old.

No. That’s not why I cried.

I was podcasting with Kathy and I kept crying because I was humbled with my life.

Ever since losing my 100lbs., I have made it my mission to help you lose weight too.

We both deserve to have tears of joy.

The kind of tears that make you say, “Life is so good I’m having a hard time even handling it.”

And I mean that.

This year I made simple goals. One of them…

To help as many women who wanted my help.

I had to quit being afraid of the haters and the people who think I’m in it for the money.

You know what? I can’t afford to be afraid of judgement and fear of opinions.

Why? That means there’s a woman somewhere who won’t hear me. She’ll miss hearing how to change how she thinks. She’ll miss her moment that could change EVERYTHING.

When I am playing it safe, worrying about my feelings, I am NOT doing amazing work with the time I have on this planet.

I know in my heart I have the best answer to weightloss.

I’ll be damned if at 45 f-ing years old I will sit back being afraid of what people might say.

That’s what I did when I was 12 years old being bullied for being fat. I’m a grown ass woman now and can handle opinions. The good and the bad.

In today’s podcast I talk openly about my year and all the things that happened. I cried a lot because I’m honestly having a hard time taking it all in.

I’m damn proud of myself this year. I grew more in this one year than ever before. The last time I changed this much was when I lost 100lbs.

Listen in, spend a few minutes with the vulnerable part of me and ask yourself…

What am I doing today that will soon have me crying with amazement?

If you can’t come up with anything then you know you got some work to do.

Episode 120: Reflecting on the Past Year might help you blow your own mind. I hope it does.


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