Ep. 112 Why Happy People Lose Weight

I recently read a book on happiness called The 100 Simple Secrets to Happiness.

It’s so good.

As I read it, it really made it clear that happy people tend to get better results in life, YET, the studies show they have about the same lives as unhappy people.

I see the same thing with my weightloss clients.

They all have similar stories, backgrounds, ups and downs, and current experiences.

The difference between the ones who tend to lose weight and those who don’t is one simple thing.


Unhappy people spend twice as much time looking at what’s wrong in their lives.

Happy people spend their time figuring out what to do with their lives.

Same goes in weightloss.

My girls who overeat and blame their life get stuck.

My girls who overeat and go to work on what to do different next time figure it out.


In podcast Episode 112: Why Happy People Lose Weight, I share with you some of the most impactful insights from the book you can use TODAY to lose weight.

Your weightloss will always be a byproduct of how you think. Today I’ll help you change your perspective.

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