Ep. 110 – Help! I doubt I can lose weight.

Lots of people think self-doubt is bad.

Self-doubt isn't a problem. It’s just a feeling we have because we think some bullshit about doing something we KNOW is going to be hard.

I would say 90% of my weightloss clients experience self-doubt daily so if you are doubting right now…

You are in good company.

Here’s the stuff we think that usually triggers self-doubt.

“I don’t know if I can do this.”

“I have always been overweight; what makes this time different?”

“My family doesn’t believe in me…maybe they are right.”

Self-doubt is just the feeling you get inside when you think about the possibility of you losing weight.

The trick is this.

Accept self-doubt is normal. You have to quit BELIEVING you need confidence to lose weight.

You need to only eat when physically hungry to lose weight. PERIOD. You can be full of self-doubt and do that.

Know self-doubt is just a feeling. Granted it can feel like shit, but it’s just a feeling created by some of those thoughts above. Nothing more than that.

You can be full of self-doubt and not overeat.

Your family can choose to not believe in you and you still have to decide what you will eat and how much for dinner.

You can have a whole history of failed diets and have an overeat without it being “the end of the world as you know it with weightloss.”

You overate? OK. What’s the next meal on your plan? I’m more interested in what’s next than what happened 20 f-ing years ago on diet 47.

And guess what else? You don’t have to know right now if you can do this. That’s BS. You just want to feel secure. Well, don’t eat when you are hungry and get back up when you overeat and you’ll feel secure knowing you haven’t quit.

Girls, quit thinking self-doubt is WRONG. Your reaction to self-doubt is everything. And, lucky for you I talk HARD about it in episode 110. If you are doubting then get your ass over there and listen right now.

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