Updated: December 12, 2023

You don’t need another diet plan…trust me.

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A woman and child undergo an inspiring weight loss transformation.

You’re taught weightloss is all about what you eat, drinking water, getting in movement and getting your sleep.

Now, I do agree these things are important. When you listen to my podcast or join my PNPTribe, you know I’m rarely going to teach you to do anything for weightloss that is fancier than simple, easy basics.

But, here’s what you aren’t taught and what’s sorely missing.

There’s a whole lot more to losing weight than those basics. The basics are what you do to lose weight. But, before you can do those things you gotta be working on your mindset.

The only reason you will not do the basics is because you got some bullshit thinking stopping you from doing them.

I want you to know what I had to overcome to REALLY lose 100lbs. I don’t want you sitting around thinking you need more diet plans or more trainers.

Please read this because these things are what really helped me lose my weight and keep it off.

Losing 100lbs. took learning…

How to stay focused on my simple, healthy basics when my fears and doubts were loud and clear.

How to quit losing weight from disgust and self-loathing. I didn’t need to hate myself. I started wanting more for myself. I decided it was time to focus on a healthier version of me instead of my failures.

Taking care of me meant I was taking care of my boys, too.

I focused on how my changes in food, movement, and self-respect could only strengthen my relationships. I used to believe I was selfish for eating healthy and exercising.

I realized I used my family as an excuse to not do things that were hard. No more disrespecting myself or them with overeating.

How to stop freaking out when things didn’t go right. When I would choose to freak out I’d send myself straight to the drive-thru. If I had time to freak out I for damn sure had time to brainstorm a solution. Less freaking out meant less need for stress eating.

When I started taking ownership for myself I earned the respect of myself. I learned how to treat myself with love from love.

Losing weight can be fun when you have more to think about than just what you are eating. When you work on the mental game it makes the process way more special. Being at goal is amazing.

But respecting yourself and knowing you can handle your shit is the best.

Losing your mental weight is everything. Most people focus on diet plans and restrictive food lists. They never look at what the real problem with their weight is. I specialize in helping women get past the mental bullshit drama so they can lose weight.

Lindsey lost 120 lbs with me in PNPTribe. Be like Lindsey, take control of your health. Start here.


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