What is the difference between emotional and physical hunger?

People write to me asking for help with all kinds of things. This week I took a listeners question: “What is the difference between emotional and physical hunger? How do you know the difference?”

Trust me, when you are able to cut out or back your emotional eating you WILL LOSE WEIGHT.

Most of us are eating for all kinds of reasons other than hunger.

Things like you are afraid you will get hungry so you eat a little something, you are transitioning from the commute to cooking dinner so you grab a handful of chips, or it's been a long day and you need a little something to go to sleep.

Emotional Hunger starts in your head. You “think” you are hungry. You search for something that “sounds good.”

Physical Hunger starts in your body. You feel empty, a slight tummy growl, and you have no doubt you are ready to eat.

Key! If you are trying to guess if you are hungry just WAIT. Most of us never wait for a real, early signal of hunger. We get close and then retreat due to what we THINK about.

Ever said, “I don't want to get too hungry because I will overeat?” Guess what? You are overeating when you preemptive eat! Your body isn't hungry. LOL

The video and podcast go into more detail. But knowing the difference between the two is often enough for my clients to lose 5-10lbs their first month. Many of us never realize how much emotional eating we are truly doing.

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  1. Kim on February 22, 2018 at 11:08 AM

    I really got some good things from this I’m definitely an emotional eater now I’m going to figure out my why thank you I’ll keep watching

  2. Joanne Blanchette on July 10, 2017 at 12:57 PM

    This was exactly what i needed to hear! Time to figure out why those evening snacks are such a habit !


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