Depression was my teacher

“When you are in pain, I see potential.”

I said that on a coaching call with my PNPTribe.

One of my girls, Sarah, who’s lost 100lbs., told me.

You see, I have a special group of Tribe Members called the “Century Club.” Since I lost 100lbs., it means a lot to me to celebrate every woman who does the same in my Tribe.

She sent in her application for the “club” and she told me the quote saying it was something every woman should know.

The pain of carrying weight isn’t just physically heavy. It feels mentally heavy and like you are just stuck.

I’m here to tell you it’s not true.

I was sold on the idea that my depression, a lifetime of being fat, and being uneducated was too painful to overcome.

It cut me off from my potential.

Until the day I decided I was going to change and bring all that shit along for the ride.

I looked at what else could be true.

Depression was teaching me I had to do little things to feel better. I had to quit waiting for a major life overhaul to feel good and get off my ass.

Being overweight all my life showed me that I wanted to lose weight while enjoying wine and nachos. I wasn’t going to do extremes anymore. I knew what I liked and was going to figure out how to lose weight the way I would live it.

And being uneducated was the best. It’s why I can tell you things that are complicated in a way that just makes sense.

What are you telling yourself about your weight?

If you weren’t afraid, doubting, or believing that story, what else could you think?

So often the answer to our pain is just perspective.

See if you can find potential in your pain.


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