Can I Eat Like a Normal Person and Still Lose Weight? [VIDEO]

In the meantime, I thought you might enjoy this oldie but goodie. In this clip, I answer the question:

“Can I eat like a normal person, and lose weight?”

Spoiler: You are a normal person, and you can lose weight.


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There is a ton of messaging that we take in from all around us. Do keto. Don’t eat carbs. Be vegan. They make it seem like we have to suffer in order to lose weight. That the only people who can eat normal are naturally thin.

Is the problem that we can’t eat normal food? No. The way Corinne teaches weightloss, it has nothing to do with cutting out food groups or restricting.

You are going to not eat at times when you really want to. You have to decide what you’re going to eat, what you’re not going to eat, and when you’re going to eat.

Corinne started at 250 pounds 15 years ago. She ate as much as she possibly could. There was a lot of scarcity around food. She ate out a lot. Buffets, burgers, and ice cream were normal. Corinne didn’t want to let go of foods, so she had to figure out a plan around them.

Many women seem to think they’re a failure. They’ve created a sad story around their past. They end up picking a restrictive diet to punish themselves for past failures.

Dieting doesn’t have to be a punishment.

If you start talking about diet and label foods good and bad, then it’s because you think dieting has to be restrictive.

When Corinne started, she knew that she was going to figure this out, that she wasn’t going to give up the foods that she loved, and she was going to keep going. She was not a bad person because she was overweight.

It took her 18 months to lose 100 pounds. She ate all kinds of foods, but she made little changes. She took away little things, but it was because she was falling in love with the person she was becoming and not beating herself up anymore.

If she caught herself talking negatively to herself, she told herself “No, that’s how we talked to ourselves when we stayed overweight. We’re not doing that anymore.”

Each day she asked herself “what is something today that I would enjoy that would still make me feel really good?” 

She slowly started serving herself less food.

She would watch the process, instead of judging the process. When you watch yourself, you listen to the conversations in your head and ask better questions. You don’t beat yourself up for it.

When you feel terrible, it’s usually because you’re judging yourself. “I was doing good, then I ate and set myself back.” You have to believe in yourself. You can’t have black and white thinking about yourself. It’s a grey world.



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