August 20, 2018

You Asked…Things I LOVE

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Here’s a list of things I LOVE. 


Instagram Pages I Love:

@before5am – I love his little videos and motivational quotes to get your ass out of bed.

@allmodernmakeup – Makeup tutorials GALORE! I get lost in this one.


Makeup I Love:

I have my favorite blush, scents, tanning products, shampoo, and more on my KIT page!


Music I Love: 

Go to Spotify to see my booty rap mixes and more. You can set up a free account and follow my public lists. My music is hardcore. Just saying.


Workout Pants I Love:

I’ve been wearing Blessed Body Wear forever. What I love is that they don’t wear out. I donate my pants simply because I want MORE colors. They also don’t smell, make your butt and legs look good, and you won’t get swamp butt. If you sweat hard you know what I mean.

Discount code: Queen (for shipping). They are worth every penny.


Journal Prompts I Love:

What feeling do I want to create today?

If I wasn’t afraid I would be doing what?

The one thing holding me back is… And, am I willing to face that in order to move forward?


People I Love:

Chris, Logan, my PNPCoaching team because they love all of you (member or not) as much as I do.

And that’s a few things I love right now.

Let me know if there are things you would love to know in the future!


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