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153. Why Do You Want To Lose Weight?

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Do you ever think about why you want to lose your weight?

My early WHY came in the form of my baby boy. I wanted to be a good example for Logan.

Oh and I sure as hell didn’t want to weigh more than my husband, Chris. LOL.

I just wanted to do better for all of us.

You might have a bunch of reasons for losing your weight. That’s OK.

The key is identifying your most important reasons.

Then you can use them as your secret weightloss weapon.

How? With this simple tool. Master this tool and losing weight becomes a no-brainer.


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The day Corinne decided to lose weight, she had several why’s driving her. She knew that she desperately wanted to feel better. She knew taking care of herself would help because she was NOT taking care of herself at that time.

Logan was her other driving factor. She didn’t want to raise him to be the type of eater she was. She wanted him to have a different life than she had.

Her early why had a lot to do with wanting to be a better mom and wanting to be a better example. She also weighed more than Chris and knew that she wanted to do better for all of them.

A why helps you to focus on what you want for you, for your family, and for your weightloss. Ask yourself “what is it that I want and why do I want it so bad?”

One of the things Corinne had wanted was to exercise and be an athlete. Her brother grew up doing sports. Chris was very active when they started dating. She realized she desperately wanted to be that person that loved exercise as well and let go of the thought that she hated it and it sucks. If you want to be someone that exercises, find something you can do and what you love. Every day Corinne put her brain to work at what it was she could be doing to start becoming that person.

Kathy mentioned that a lot of people that she talks to regarding their why, it’s not about who they want to be, but who they didn’t want to be. I don’t want to be on medication. I don’t want my knees to hurt. When it comes down to it, we all want to lose weight to feel better in some way.

Corinne likes having thousands of why’s. She thinks people should do why work once a month or at least once a quarter. Some people also call why the compelling reason. It will help you to get closer to your goal and it will help you to focus and center in the moment of impact. Some examples of moment of impact would be when the hot wings show up or when you’ve had a bad day at work and want all the food. 

If you’re feeling deprived because you’re saying no to hot wings, you need to really stop and think about those words. That is not deprivation. That is called not choosing it now. Don’t even say I can’t have. I choose to or I choose not to. Don’t make drama where there doesn’t need to be drama.

When you have a good set of why’s, they can be tied to the moments of impact.

Corinne had to learn how to cook when she was losing weight. She had to experiment a lot and occasionally they had to throw food away and go out to eat. She knew it was important to learn how to cook as part of her vision to be a healthy mom and to change the dynamics of her family tree. She started food prepping on Sundays during this time. She only struggled once a week with what to cook and how to cook.

On the days she didn’t want to cook, she reminded herself that this was loving her family and asked herself “who do you want to be?” Yes, it would have been great to watch tv on Sunday, but that wasn’t who she wanted to be. She told herself “you get to do this. Your family gets to eat healthy all week because you love your family.”

She eventually got quicker at it because she kept getting in there every Sunday and figuring it out. She realized that if the kitchen was clean and the dishwasher was empty before she started prepping food for the week, that it was so much easier to clean and do dishes as she went.

Corinne wants you to figure out your why’s. You need to get a notebook. Nothing fancy. It can be a 25 cent spiral from the grocery store. Set a timer for 10 minutes. At the top of the first page write, “Why do I want to lose weight?” Then you’ll just start writing out everything you can think of until the 10 minutes is up. Do not stop writing. It’s a version of a thought download. At the end of it, highlight 30 of them. Open up the next page, write out one of those why’s at the top of each of the next 30 pages. Each day for the next 30 days, turn to one of those pages and write about why that why listed at the top of the page is important to you. That can help you to figure out all the feelings it generates for you. You can highlight all the positive feelings you’ve written down if that will help. This allows your brain to go to work on what weightloss can do for you.

If you want to think something different and you want to feel something different so you can get to a new place with your weight, you’ve got to start doing some different stuff. The more why’s you have and the more you can connect them to you, it gives you that internal motivation that fuels your soul to keep going.

Eventually, you will have a book that is a story of what you want to create in your life and what you want most for you. Take some of the why’s that really stand out for you, that you can wear all day and put them on sticky notes or make them a background on your phone. Put them somewhere that you can see every single day. When you have a really good, strong why, it lights you up.

Your why’s can get old and stale. They can change as you lose weight or get closer to the goal. This is why you need to redo the why brainstorm monthly or quarterly.

About halfway through her weightloss, doing it for Logan wasn’t a strong enough why for Corinne anymore because it was just part of her at that point. Instead, she started being fueled by wanting to be someone that could dress sexy or wear cute clothes. Since she’d been overweight most of her life, she didn’t always have those as options to wear.

Anything that requires you to change yourself, you can do this exercise. It isn’t just for weightloss. Corinne wants to give you the tools you need to transform your whole life.

One of Corinne’s why’s right now is to reexamine the foods she eats because she’s been having some low-level stomach problems. She thinks it might be poultry. She gave it up for the last week and feels so much better. She just wants to feel exceptionally good and energetic. She wants to take exemplary care of herself. She wants to live a long time and be on this earth as long as she can.

Another of her why’s is that she’s determined to be the industry weightloss leader. She will not be happy until all women know that this is way better than all the other crap out there. That getting your mind straight is where weightloss is. Women can change who they are, not just the amount they weigh. Corinne can help women change their lives.

Corinne’s next membership opening will be from April 1st-3rd. Sign-up for her free weightloss course at www.pnp411.com to get on her email list to get notified when membership is open. She’ll offer a couple of trainings the week of the opening, so make sure you’re on her email list to get access to the trainings. It’s a shorter opening this time and you don’t want to miss it!








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