October 4, 2014

Why Write To Lose Weight

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Writing has always been a way for me to get what I’m thinking out of my head. I started with my first diary at the age of 9 and it started with how much I weigh. Yep, that’s the year I started gaining weight and I was very aware that I was bigger than the other girls.

I kept writing all through high school, my 20’s, and once I started this blog I switched from paper journals to blogs. I do keep two other journals: one in my PNP member access site to share my day to day life and plans and one ULTRA private, hand written journal that I do more self-reflection.

Some days it’s easy to write. The words just flow and pour out of me. Other days I catch myself only wanting to talk about what I weigh and how I need to change it. There are times in my life I think geesh, are you ever going to quit doing that? I’m not sure. I don’t get bothered by it like I used to. Reading my journals makes me realize I’ve been doing it for 30 years so it may just be a way for me to release or quit playing the message in my head.

But one thing I’ve done is I keep a list of journaling prompts (I have a board on Pinterest, too.). I don’t want to just focus on my weight. I am MORE than my weight. (Insert I Am Light by India.Arie) What I want more than anything is to use my writing to discover new things, thought patterns, and educate others.

Today I thought I would bust out a journal prompt and work through it. In this blog, the author gives you a ton of good journal prompts. What I do is PRINT them, TUCK them inside my journal, and randomly pick one on days I want to write.

Another way to use this is to set up a 30-day challenge for yourself. Each night dedicate 5-10 min. of writing time and go through the questions one-by-one.

You might think what the hell does this have to do with losing weight Corinne?

Well, a lot. Most of you KNOW what to do. If you are eating good, healthy foods most of the time, moving your body 3-6 times a week (whatever you enjoy), you aren’t going to have a lot of issues.

We have ISSUES with weight often because we aren’t asking ourselves enough tough questions like…

  • What’s the first thing I think about in the morning? Why?
  • What do I want to feel like after I eat? Why?
  • What do I want my partner saying to me every day?

Those are just a few of the goodies she has in the blog. There are loads of good books out there with awesome prompts and things to think about. Check out The Desire Map. It’s an awesome journey in discovering how you want to FEEL in life – rather than just setting a bunch of goals…like I want to lose 10lbs!!! How many of us have been setting a 10lb or more goal for like…oh say, OUR WHOLE LIFE?

The journal prompt I picked was an easier one…I loved it though because fall is here and it made me smile and feel good to write about it!

What do I want my home to taste, smell, and sound like?

I want to walk in and smell something sweet. Vanilla, cupcakes, cheesecakes, sugar cookies, and caramel scents are my FAVORITE things to smell in the house. It smells comforting and good. It’s easy to take in and it makes me feel like I am baking when I am SO not a baker!

I also like the smell of lavender in the bedroom and bathroom. It always reminds me of the spa and the spa is exactly how I want my bedroom to feel like. Our bedroom is often piled with dirty clothes, the TV is going, and there is just piles of crap laying around. Heck, I don’t even like my sheets and comforter. Now that I’m thinking about it, I want the bedroom to be spa like yet we don’t have spa like smells, de-cluttering and more going on. There’s something I can easily fix!

Sounds are situational. I like the house most of the time to be filled with some background noise. When I’m working out I want it loud and hip hop fabulous. While I work I often listen to the news, podcasts, or yoga sequences. But most of the time I want the house to sound spa like.

I don’t know how to clarify my house tasting like. I don’t plan to lick my walls any time soon. But what I do know is that my environment and getting it clean, streamlined, peaceful, spa like, and like a vacation is very important to me. Lately I have noticed that the little piles and more have been stressing me out.

Hmmm…looks like I need to carve out some time to do some de-cluttering.



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